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I'm a 34 yr old, happily married woman with the 2 most wonderful doggies in the world! I live in Florida and love all types of crafting! Right now my fave thing to do with my hands is crochet!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Designing new patterns

On my way home last night I stopped by BAM and picked up the latest issues of Crochet Fantasy and Magic Crochet. Crochet Fantasy (Winter 2005) is wonderful! There were 2 plus sized patterns in it and they were both actually modeled by a plus sized woman! It's about time!

Having looked at this it got me to thinking that maybe I should try to design more wearables for us plus-sized women out there and one's that are flattering at that!

I made a few sketches of my first idea. I am tired of all the string bikini patterns out there. I can't wear any of them! So I am going to attempt to make a nice, one piece bathing suit for us plus sized gals! I have the basic idea of the shape and such, but now it's a matter of basically stitching and frogging, stitching and frogging til I get it right.

I would really like to have at least ONE really good creation this year that looks professional and one that a magazine would be proud to publish. Maybe this goal is a little ambitious, but if I aim for the stars I should at least land on the moon!

My DH's team at work won a huge award today which means that I will finally get to meet some of his co-workers. There's going to be a big celebratory dinner in March (I think) at the Hilton! I've never been to the Ocala Hilton and it's black tie at that. I have no idea what I will wear but hopefully I can convince him that I need to buy a new dress that I'll probably never wear again! Of course he doesn't understand why we have to dress up just to eat dinner. MEN! I tried to explain it to him but he just didn't get it...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

On a mission!

Well, I've been working on reworking that sweater and guess what? I can't find the yarn anywhere! It's Red Heart Super Saver in Plumberry and I need at least one more skein to finish it up! So far none of the stores are carrying it. If you have a skein (preferably 2) please e-mail me! I will trade something of equal value or pay for it!

Dot's sweater that I am making is so far very easy and it's the right size!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Frogged Sweater

Well, I am finally working on frogging this sweater (It ended up being about 5 sizes too big!) and working on a new one! Tearing it out sure has been a pain as I couldn't remember in what order I put it together!

I am also taking out the one skein that had a different color in it! I will probably need one more skein which I'll get tonite. I'm using Dot's "My Cardigan" pattern which so far has been very easy to follow. If you haven't seen any of her patterns they are so wonderful! I highly recommend visiting her site! I am hoping to have this finished in a couple of days!!!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Kitchen Contest!

Yes, I know I haven't posted in almost a month but I've been so busy. I have made a personal goal in regards to my crochet this year. I would like to create a bunch of patterns for the kitchen with hopes of getting them published. In order for me to create things that are new, innovative and what people want, I have decided to hold a contest! Below are the rules and prizes I will offer. When answering the questions, please be as specific as possible. The more specific the better your chances that I will pick yours as the winning entry!

1st Prize - A Crochet Gift Basket valued between $15-$25
(I will pick this winner by the entry I like the best.)
Honorable Mention - A Crochet Gift Basket valued between $5-$10
(I will take all the entries and pull one winner at random)

Please e-mail me your entries with answers to the questions listed below. Please be sure to put "Kitchen Contest" in the subject line or it may get re-routed to the trash bin. Include your first name, crochetville name (if applicable), and an e-mail addy in which to contact you.

This contest is open now thru December 31, 2006.

Please e-mail your entries to "DonnaLynn237 at aol dot com"

Please copy and paste the questions into the body of the e-mail with your answers or your entry will not count.

Contest Questions:

1) What kinds of Kitchen patterns would stand out to you?

2) What kinds of Kitchen patterns would you NOT like to see?

3) What other items for the Kitchen are you interested in seeing patterns for?

4) Would you be more likely to see a bunch of individual designs or themes?

5) When selecting items to make for the kitchen, do you look more at skill level, time it takes to make, price of supplies or other?

6) Would you like to see patterns for small appliance covers? If so, which ones?

7) What is your favorite brand of 4 ply cotton?

8) Would you rather the pattern had gauge measurements or just an approximate size of the completed project?

9) What one thing in your kitchen really needs a decorative touch?

10) Any other suggestions or ideas.