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Friday, June 01, 2007

Isn't God amazing?

Ok, so now that I have had a few mins to update my blog I wanted to share some of the most exciting news ever!!!

The couple that we are buying the house from have been medical foster parents for several years now. I hadn't heard of this before and found out a little more. They have been taking care of babies who have medical conditions until they get adopted. Hearing about some of the children and things that have happened to them just broke my heart. Immediately I felt like this was what I was supposed to be doing. Amazingly, Doug felt exactly the same way! Taking care of children with medical needs actually pays more money than I make now and I would not only have children to care for, but I would be able to stay home and take care of them!

Doug is completely with me in this and as soon as we get moved and settled, the people we are buying the house from are going to put us in touch with the proper people and we'll start the process of taking all the classes, getting certified and such!

We still are hopeful we will have a child of our own someday, but this would be a fantastic idea for the present. We have decided to stop clomid. It just hasn't happened with it and each month the side effects have gotten worse. I think maybe getting off the medicine will help me to focus on that less.

So exciting news for us in the children arena!

I think now I've finally updated everyone on what's going on! We will be leaving for Michigan the end of June and won't be back for a couple of weeks. My niece Sara is getting married and we are driving up there for the wedding. Between now and then we have to move and I have to finish her wedding present which is about 80% done! I hope to post a couple more times before that, but if I don't that's why!

It's kinda bad but for the 2nd year in a row I don't get a birthday. Last year on my birthday (June 30th) we moved so I didn't have much of a birthday at all with moving and cleaning the old house. This year we will be on the road driving up north so I'm quite certain I won't have my ice cream cake this year! LOL Oh well, I guess my present is getting to go up north to see everyone! Say prayers for our safe trip and return!

Oh and lots of prayers are needed for this week! Closing is supposed to happen on Weds and moving day is Saturday! We hope this all goes off without a hitch!!

Doug's 40th Birthday!

I wanted to share some pics from Doug's birthday party a few weeks ago! It went off without a hitch and he was completely surprised!!!!

This one is of me and Doug during dinner. We all went to Logan's Roadhouse and had a nice birthday dinner!

Just a pic of some of the decorations!

I put 40 candles on the cake and he actually blew them all out!

Has it really been a month since I last posted?

Wow! Time sure flies, doesn't it? Well the last month has been just a little crazy for us but I think in the end it'll work out for the best.

Start with our landlords calling is the 2nd week of May and asking whether we wanted to re-new our lease. (Our lease isn't even up til June 30th.) Anyway, we told them that we didn't want to stay another year, but that we are wanting to purchase a house and hoped they would let us sign a short term lease. We explained that moving on June 30th wasn't possible as we would be up north for my niece's wedding at the time. They didn't want a short term lease but agreed to let us sign a 6 month lease. We asked if we could talk it over before deciding and they agreed that they would wait for our answer by June 1st at the latest. Fast forward to the next morning when they call and change their minds telling us they are selling the house and want us out when our lease expires!

So we got in touch with a mortgage guy and got the paperwork started then started frantically looking for houses. We saw several, but the 2nd one we looked at just felt like "home" to me. The couple selling are a very nice Christian couple and we hit it off immediately. We made an offer on the house and got the ball rolling!

Last weekend we had Doug's nephews come over to help us pack. Last time we moved it took almost a month to get packed up but this time, over the 3 day weekend we got it ALL packed! (Except essentials, computer, tv and clothes. LOL) Anyway, we talked to our mortgage guy yesterday and we may very well be able to close on the house by middle of next week! I talked to the couple we are buying the house from and they are already moved into their new place so they can close whenever we wish!!! This morning we are heading over for a garage sale with them and are now basically just waiting for the papers to finish up!

This new home is smaller than where we live now, no pool or anything fancy but it's fairly new (2002) and is what I'd describe as "cozy." Doug and I are so excited to get out of this house and into one of our own! As long as the closing goes early enough we'll still be able to make it up north for the wedding!

There is actually quite a bit more to tell but I have to run. I want to thank everyone for the e-mails and encouragement. My ulcer went into high drive during all of this so it's been quite a bumpy ride. I'll be so happy to see the end to this stage in our lives and the beginning of a new one!