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I'm a 34 yr old, happily married woman with the 2 most wonderful doggies in the world! I live in Florida and love all types of crafting! Right now my fave thing to do with my hands is crochet!!!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

I hit the mother lode!

So I decided to stop at a few garage sales yesterday morning and I stumbled upon a huge "Neighborhood Sale" where almost every house in a subdivison had a sale! I was just looking around and saw a couple skeins of yarn sticking out of a box of other junk and when I moved the "junk" on top I found the entire box was full to the brim of yarn! I asked how much for the box and the next thing I know, the guy shows me 3 other boxes full of yarn type stuff! For all of this I only spent $20!!!! I got tons of yarn, a bunch of thread, ribbon, crochet hooks and knitting needles as well as a bunch of sewing stuff! WOO-HOO! I was so excited I just had to share!!!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

A few pictures

Ok, I know I've been lax in showing my latest things so here's a peek at what I've been working on:

This is a bib I made for a co-worker who's having a baby. It's a free pattern from the Bernat website. Very easy, quick and worked out great!

This next one is from the Happy House website (free pattern) for a headband. It doesn't look like it but it actually turned out a little bit bigger than I needed it to be but it was a quick project to make and I plan on making more in different colors.

And this last one is of my major WIP. This will be the bedspread for my niece's wedding present. I just started on skein 3 and have another 3 after that to go. Once the base is done, I'll be adding flowers and such to it. (The pattern is in the issue before last of Crochet! Magazine.)