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I'm a 34 yr old, happily married woman with the 2 most wonderful doggies in the world! I live in Florida and love all types of crafting! Right now my fave thing to do with my hands is crochet!!!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Shocking News!

As I was driving to work today listening to 97.3 The Sky FM (as I do most mornings) I was shocked when I heard a news story about Terry Bellows. I used to work with him at K-Country and he has been working in the mornings with Mr. Bob for years. Supposedly he's been indicted on kiddie porn charges. I was aghast about this and quickly switched over to K-Country and sure enough Mr. Bob was all alone. There was no mention of Terry at all. When I got to work I checked out the K-Country website and it was the same story there. It's like he'd been erased from memory.

Considering how I worked for Mr. Bob while in K-Country's employ I got a little sense of satisfaction knowing how much trouble this would cause him not just in having to get a new co-host but Terry RAN that morning show. Now Mr. Bob will actually have to do some work for a change on his own! Knowing Terry I must say I'm shocked. He's one of the nicest people you'd ever meet and whether or not this is true my heart does go out to him as regardless of the outcome, I think it's safe to say his career in broadcasting is over.

Of course when my DH heard the news he called me and said "now that there's an opening over there again why don't you call Mr. Bob"? He quickly rethought this and took it back. I would much rather be poor and happy than to make good money and work for someone who treats you like crud and micro-manages you to death. Now, don't get me wrong, I miss radio every day but I do NOT miss working for Mr. Bob. He was so disrespectful of me and only cared about himself. I was the "night" jock and knowing this he would wake me up nearly every morning yelling at me about this or that, never taking into consideration that I may have been asleep. Not to mention that he didn't feel like my "home" time was valuable to me. Every day I was in fear of what he'd get mad at me for this time and started not answering the phone when it rang for fear he was calling to harass me about something else he heard or saw. I think the power of being PD went to his head as when I worked as his morning show co-host in New York he was never this rude to me. I enjoyed working with him and looked forward to work every day I was his co-host but boy did that change when I started working FOR him. Heck, he has gone through so many co-hosts and such it's crazy. I don't know how poor Terry put up with it for all these years.

So as I am shocked by this news, again, I can't help but smile thinking about all the work that Mr. Bob will find himself doing now. Of course, I guess I shouldn't smile too much as he'll probably over-work poor Lewis, Red and Doug with all of Terry's workload. He'll continue to work 5 hour days and make everyone else work 12. Not to mention he'll still take off every Christmas and New Years while making everybody else work those days. Bitter? Yep, I think I am, but I have a right to be... I had the #1 ratings and was sacked. People still see me in Wal-Mart and such and tell me how much they miss me and that they won't listen to K-Country anymore since I'm not there. Not that I'm trying to toot my own horn, but I believe I was better than Leia and Delilah. I guess the company thought their money was better spent on billboards than on a #1 rated host...

Terry, I hope these alligations are not true and if they are, I hope you know that I'll be praying for you.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

I got my contacts!!!

Well I finally got my contact lens' last night! It only took me a few mins to get them in but almost 30 mins to take them out. I was finally able to go home with them and after being home for only an hour it was almost time for bed so I proceeded to start taking them out. It took me well over 2 hours of trying to do it. My eyes are very deep set and I don't have the daintiest hands in the world so it wasn't easy but I finally did it. This morning I wasn't able to get them in before work but got them in within 15 mins of trying at work. Everything is still quite fuzzy and weird looking but I was told it could take a few days for my eyes to adjust. I do remember when I got my progressive lens glasses last year that it took almost a week before I could walk without feeling like I was going to fall over so I'm struggling to adjust to this. They have me in mono-vision so my left eye is for up close and my right eye is for distance. It's especially hard since my left eye has been dominant and now with these lens' my right eye will have to learn to be dominate instead. It's funny because if I cover my left eye I can see distance great but not close up and if I cover my right eye it's just the opposite but put them together and everything is fuzzy. I hope I adjust soon as it's a pain trying to crochet like this!

I am busy working on making a rose filet shawl to wear to the big black tie dinner with my DH in a couple of weeks. This is my first time doing filet and I originally started with Aunt Lydia's Size 3 thread but after completing 8 rows I didn't like the look or feel of it so I have switched to Caron's SS in red. I hope it looks good when finished!

Oh and the really good news is that I have some people signed up for my Crochet Class at Hobby Lobby! I am super excited about teaching my passion to others. Wish me luck! I am planning on offering intermediate classes in April and still have to decide what I'll be teaching that class. I will probably make that one at least a 2 week class as items that are harder to do will have more questions and more need for follow up help so I'm working out all that. These first beginners classes will really help get me going and I am just really hoping that they are a success and everyone will like getting instructions from me. WISH ME LUCK!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sunday's Rantings

Well it's another Sunday (my only day off work) and at least I got to sleep in today which was nice. My DH made breakfast (which is our Sunday ritual) over-easy eggs, bacon and toast. YUMMY! I will miss Sunday's when I am not working anymore as I'll be the one to make Sunday breakfast!

I am really excited as we are getting a new doggie!!! His oldest niece, Katy, is getting married on March 4th and her and her fiance are planning to move back up north afterwards and don't have time for their doggie and since they knew we fell in love with him when we first saw him they asked us if we wanted him. We are taking him home after the wedding. He's a little Jack Russell mix and is cute as a button. He was so playful and hopped around the house like a bunny. Our little Tweety did not like him and even snapped at him (she's Alpha dog in the house) but I think after she gets used to him she'll love him as she is as full of energy as he is and loves to play. Our other doggie, Fozzy is getting old and is quite overweight so he doesn't play like he used to. He'll run around with her for maybe 5 mins then he's down for the count. We were not happy with the name of this new doggie, they named him "Moo" I believe because he has spots like a cow. Anyway, with the help of my Crochetville friends we have decided on a new name for him. "Mufasa." Thanks for everyone's help! Oh, that's his pic above.

I am currently working on Dot's Fancy Fans Stole. I am actually making this for my OBGYN's RN. I know, weird, huh? When I moved here and was looking for a good OBGYN a friend referred me to Dr. Hall. I don't like going to a male Dr for female things but he has an RN named Evette. She's wonderful and does pretty much everything except baby deliveries and fertility problems. We hit it off right away and she was a fan of mine (I used to be a local celebrity working at K-Country and had the most listened to program from 7pm-midnight). Anyway, I always enjoyed my yearly exams as I loved seeing her and chatting. She's one of the warmest people you'd ever meet. Anyway, long story short, a couple of years ago when we started trying for a baby and were met with no success, she had me get a blood test and we found out that my progesterine levels were too low which meant I wouldn't get pregnant as I didn't have a mature egg. She said I'd have to go see Dr. Hall himself as she didn't deal with those things. I was ok with it as I had heard wonderful things about him. Well I go in there and he literally spent less than 5 mins telling me that I needed to be genetically tested and go see their nutritionalist and such and have all these expensive tests done that weren't covered by insurance. He then sent this girl into the room who looked like she was 13 and really didn't know anything. Here I am trying to talk to this teenager about my fertility problems and was not getting any help. After that I decided to find a new OBGYN. The morning I went in to get my records Evette was there and said hello and when I told her I was leaving them she came and talked to me. She had no idea what had happened and told me she was sorry to see me go but that if I ever needed her to call. Well I made an appt with the only other OBGYN that had appts in the morning before work. When I got there at 8am there were 10 other women there all with 8am appts. When I made the appt I specifically told the woman that I had to be to work by 9:30 and that I wasn't able to take time off to go to the Dr. she assured me I'd be the first patient of the morning and I'd be out of there by 9am. When I asked the receptionist about this she said she didn't know who promised me that but the Dr. doesn't even get into the office til 9:30am. She said he wants all his rooms full when he gets there so that he doesn't have to wait. I was outraged and left with no OBGYN. Well this has been probably 4 or 5 months and I really have wanted to call and see if Evette would take me back as I do need my yearly exams done and such but was too chicken to do so. Well last week out of the blue my cell phone rang one evening, it was Evette! She said she was going through some papers and saw my name on something and wanted to see how I was doing. We had a nice long chat and when I told her what had happened she welcomed me back with open arms. I am going to call the office this week and make an appt to see her and thought it would be nice to make her something. I seem to remember those offices are always cold and I believe she always wears a sweater so I thought a nice stole would be something she would use. I am making it from Lion Brand's Pound Of Love in white. So far this pattern is super simple and is working up nicely. I should have it done by mid-week.

Well, since I have typed a book here today I'll sign off for now. I hear the laundry calling me!