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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cruel and Unusual Punishment?

Ok, I don't want to start a whole pro or con debate on the whole death penalty issue, but this really has me ticked.

Last week in Florida, a man was executed by lethal injection and I guess it took 2 doses to kill him and he appeared to be in pain. (Read the story here). Anyway, Gov Bush has now suspended all executions in Fla and there's a big hoopla about how this was cruel and unusual punishment.

Ummmm, hello! This man killed someone! I think being put to sleep is a very nice way to die. We shouldn't do the whole lethal injection thing. Go back to the electric chair or death by firing squad. Or better yet, let the families of the victims kill them however they wish.

Why are we bending over backwards to assist those people who are not fit for society and who have caused so much pain and agony to others? I remember a few months ago there was something similar that happened. Supposedly the man wasn't "healthy enough" for execution. Huh? Not healthy enough? What the heck is that all about?

The United States of America that we have grown up in and been a part of for years is now so politically correct that we don't stop and think about what's right and what's wrong. Pretty soon it will be illegal to say the word Christmas, pretty soon we'll have national holidays for Muslims, Cubans and illegal immigrants. Pretty soon English won't be spoken at all. Why? Because our country is too wimpy to put a stop to all of this.

Ok, enough for now, this just really really burns me. Oh and if you are going to start leaving me nasty comments I won't publish them. If you want to disagree with me that's fine, but do it nicely. Thanks!

P.S. I have nothing against Muslims, Cubans or any other race. I just feel that if you come to this country, you need to do so legally, become a tax paying citizen and that you adapt to OUR culture, not insist that we adapt to yours! When our ancestors came here years ago they didn't demand that we learn their language and they certainly didn't get welfare. They worked their butts off to start a new life for their families and that's all I'm asking of anyone else. If I decided to move somewhere else, I certainly wouldn't expect the whole country to adapt to me, I'd learn their language and culture and do my best to become a productive member of it.

Friday, December 15, 2006

3 more days!!!

Well, my parents will be here Monday evening and I am sooooo excited!!! I cannot believe it's Christmas time again already! We got the lift chair delivered this afternoon and all ready and set up for my dad. Since I woke up this morning I've been slowly cleaning my office. I still have to get the bedroom set up for Bev and only have about 1/2 of my office done right now. I'm moving in super slow motion today. At least I finished the last of the small crocheted gifts I made for Bev and got her and my dad's stockings stuffed so that's one more thing done!

I finished my first week of actual on the job work and really like it. I've never done anything like this before in my life so it's a big challenge but I really enjoy learning new things. This kind of job requires a lot of patience and paying close attention to what you're doing. So far, the people I work with are super nice and friendly. Next week will be a nice short week and then we are all off for Christmas break!!!

Well, it's back to cleaning and getting the house ready. I don't know how much I'll be on line after my parents get here so if you don't hear from me for awhile, don't worry. I'll post again when I have the time!

If I don't get on here again before then, have a Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

FINISHED!!! 6 months in the making!!!

Well, it is finally done!!! Doug's afghan for Christmas is complete and ready to be put under the tree! I never thought I would get it finished so it's a big relief to know it is done! If not for all my wonderful internet friends cheering me on, I never would have finished this so thank you to each and every one of you who helped me along the way!

Here's a picture of how it looks. It's not the best picture but the best I could do at the moment. We sewed fleece to the back of it and a hem around the front to complete it. I figured it out and after all was said and done this monster was made up of over 30,000 single crochets! UGH!!! I can't wait to see Doug's face when he opens it on Christmas morning!