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Monday, August 28, 2006

Movie Review Monday ~ Rent

I am a huge lover of Musicals and enjoy going to the theatre as well as watching movie versions. When Rent was made into a movie I was thrilled. I never had a chance to see the show but heard it was incredible. I missed seeing it at the movie theatre but rented it and finally got a chance to watch it this weekend. This was probably the worst musical I have seen in memory. The entire time I kept thinking "when is this going to be over?". Several of the songs were great and I liked the music in general but the storyline was very weak and it was very hard to follow what was going on. At one point this person who was obviously a drag queen comes in singing and dancing and it wasn't for 20 mins after until I realized who it was and where they fit into the movie. Many times people just broke out into song where it didn't fit in and some parts just were horrible. I actually had to FFwd through a couple of scenes and just sat there thinking that I was so disappointed.

I wouldn't mind getting the soundtrack but I couldn't bear to watch this movie again. UGH!