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Monday, July 10, 2006

Movie Review Monday ~ Superman Returns

Doug and I finally went to see this movie yesterday. I was kind of 50/50 about wanting to see it, but Doug has been waiting for this movie for months and months.

We were told either you'll love it, or you'll hate it. WE HATED IT!

This movie was so far-fetched it wasn't even funny and it was sooooo bad all around. From the beginning to the end it was just silly. Not only that, but gone are the days of "Good bad guys" like General Zod and the best Lex Luthor in the world "Gene Hackman." In the old movies, they kicked Supermans butt without it being viscous. In this movie Lex and his cronies literally kick the s**t out of Superman and it's quite graphic. We also were grossed out by a scene near the beginning of the movie. There were 2 cute little Pomerianian Doggies and we see one eat the other. Totally unnecessary.

This movie was also way too long. It was 3 hours and could easily have fit into a 2 hour at most time frame. It's like Bryan Singer wanted to fit in every "classic" scene of the old Superman movies and they were not needed. The beginning of the movie is extremely confusing and hard to follow and again, didn't make much sense.

Oh and the ending. UGH! It just left you hanging and was just anti-climactic. We gave it 2 thumbs down and an F. In my opinion, if you have a little one who loves Superman, you're better off renting the original with Christopher Reeve than to subject yourself to this horror of a movie.


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