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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

2 days til we move!

Well, we got the keys for the new house tonite! Thank goodness we got the lease all straightened out and everything is ready to go! I haven't been sleeping well with the zillion things I've been thinking about every night so I think I may have to take some Tylenol PM to catch some ZZZZ's tonite.

Our furniture is supposed to be delivered in 2-3 weeks so that's taken care of. The only thing we are still uncertain of is the car. We are trying to buy a new car and after the local dealer tried to jerk us around on my trade in and some other things (financing) I called my nephew who sells cars in Indiana and we are close to buying it from him instead. It's a 2006 but was previously owned for a short time and has 14,000 miles on it. It's got a lot of bells and whistles on it for a much cheaper price than a brand new one with no extras. My brother is supposed to be taking a look at the vehicle for me tonite and letting me know whether it's as good as we had hoped. If we gives it the thumbs up we will have the new vehicle as soon as my nephew can drive it down here.

My birthday is Friday and it was a nice surprise to get a Birthday card from my best friend Veronica when I went to the new house tonite! With the move and everything I'll be shocked if my hubby remembers to wish me a happy birthday so it was nice to know that I wasn't forgotten about.

Just a reminder that depending on how busy I am at work, I may not be able to update my blog or answer e-mails or PM's for about a week as we won't get internet hooked up at the new house until late next week. Wish us lots of luck and PLEASE no rain! (Right now it's supposed to rain ALL weekend. We'd much rather move in 95 degrees and sunshine than rain.)


At 12:26 PM, Blogger Lucy said...

Good luck, have fun, ENJOY...AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!! Take lots of pics of the new place!

At 2:30 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Donna, I hope you have a great surely deserve it! Have fun with the move, I hope it doesn't rain too much on you guys! and Good Luck and God Speed to your nephew driving your car to you!

At 5:01 PM, Blogger DixieRedHead said...

Check around with different banks to find a good rate. Those car lots make mega$$ off their financing agencies.
Happy Birthday!


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