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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Update on "Life"

Well, moving day is rapidly approaching and our lives are getting more and more hectic. For the past week, after work every evening, Doug and I have been visiting local car dealers trying to decide on what car to buy. We want something kind of inbetween an SUV and a Mini-Van. We are wanting to trade my Civic in and actually found a vehicle we both liked, but it just a little bit more than we are willing to pay. Not to mention that we have to get new furniture before the move. The new house has a sunken living room and is "open" so that we really only have 1 wall in which the entertainment center with the TV can go and the other wall has the bay window which we do not want to cover up so our 3 piece living room set of Rocker/Recliner, Couch and Chaise Lounge will not work. We stopped by a few furniture stores as well this week and found what we wanted, although a little bit more expensive than we'd like. Although, we did find it at the most expensive place in town. It's not that we're really picky, but the furniture stores that are "discount priced" have almost no selection.

So put all of that on top of the stress of actually moving and well, it's been crazy. We don't officially sign the lease on the new place til this Saturday and that's making me nervous. When we met with the landlord originally she said there would be no need for a pet deposit, now she wants one. Originally she agreed to take down this carport thing they had up which was an eyesore. (One of those steel ones with a canopy.) When I stopped by there tonite to measure the living room, her husband had taken down the canopy but the frame was still there and he said he wasn't going to take that down. They promised a few other things and I just don't see it happening by Saturday. If for some reason this deal goes through we will be in a serious situation as we HAVE to be out of this house by the first week of July... (Can someone teach me how to meditate? LOL)

I do have some possible good news! I may be able to leave the Hell Hole that is my job! All I will say at this point is that my prospects look very promising so please keep your fingers crossed that this works out. I would love nothing more in the world than to give my notice and leave that place! Every day it gets harder and harder to get up for work. If this prospect works out, it is an almost certainty that Doug and I will be able to fly up north for Christmas to see my family 6 months earlier than expected! I would be thrilled to go have another visit! It's so hard being this far away from my family so anytime I can make a visit is a blessing! The last time I was there was last June when my brother in law died suddenly. I was only there for 3 days and it was of course, not a happy occasion. We weren't planning on going up there again til next summer when my oldest niece, Sara, is getting married. I'm really looking forward to that trip as we are planning to take 2 weeks and drive up there. On the way we plan to stop in Cleveland, OHIO where pretty much all my aunts, uncles, cousins and my grandma lives. Doug has only met my Uncle Don and my Grandmother but hasn't met any of my other family there. We are also hoping to stop in Indiana for a day to visit one of my dearest crochet friends Shelle. Then we would go up to Michigan for Sara's wedding and maybe, just maybe we would actually have time to see some of my friends that I haven't seen in ages.

Speaking of Sara's wedding, I have been going back and forth between what I want to make her for her wedding present. I've always been decided on a bedspread/blanket of some sort but haven't been able to narrow down the exact pattern I want to make. Over at CAL Pals, Julie has started a new Filet CAL and I'm planning on doing this beautiful Butterfly Filet Bedspread. The only problem is what kind of yarn to use? I really want to make this larger than a twin size. Her and her fiance have a queen sized bed so I need it bigger than the pattern, but I also don't work well with thread or Lustersheen (what the pattern calls for) for that large of a project. I also don't want to go broke on the yarn as I won't know until I'm finished whether or not I'll actually give it to her for her wedding present... I know others at CAL Pals are doing theirs in WW yarn but I am afraid the Filet just won't POP like it does with a thinner yarn. If you have constructive ideas, please let me know. Just realize that I cannot spend hundreds of dollars on materials. It's just NOT an option! I HAVE to stay below $50 if possible...

Oh, and between July 1st and July 7th, I may not be updating my blog or on line very much, if at all. We are switching from the crappy DSL service that is Sprint and going to Cox Broadband for our internet at the new place (MUCH MUCH CHEAPER!) however, they cannot come out til the 7th to install it. We'll see what happens and if I'll have any time at work to get on, but if you don't hear from me for a week, that's probably why.


At 12:03 AM, Blogger Karen said...

I don't envy you the moving part and I'd be on alert about the landlord and their promise to do certain things. Moving is a drag and I wish you luck on your new job prospect.

At 7:17 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Ugh.... be forewarned about the landlord and their not doing these things, from now on get all things in writing. Trust me.
moving is s drag.
I'd be looking to buy. I know it's expensive down there but if you shop and just keep your eyes open you might 'luck' into something.
Once you get settled where you're moving to you wont be hardpressed to find somehting asap you can take your time and shop, maybe contact a couple real estate agents tell them when your lease is up and let them know what you want and are willing to pay.
Always Always grab some of those freebie real estate magazine they have outside grocery stores and such. You never know when 'your dream house' may come up for sale cheap!

At 2:35 PM, Blogger Lucy said...

Donna...I'm using a Caron Baby Sport (5 oz skieins) that I ordered from Joanns for my Butterfly filet in off white. There is free shipping for over $25 and if you buy at least 8 skeins you get 5% off. I bought 9 to make it to $25 and my total bill came to $27.00 something. Hope that helps.

At 2:36 PM, Blogger Lucy said...

Donna...for my butterfly filet I got Caron Baby Sport from Joanns online. Free shipping for over $25 and 5% off for over 8 skeins. I bought 9 skeins of off white (5 oz each) and it came to $27.46 or something like that. Hope that helps.


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