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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Getting settled

Just thought I'd post a quick note. We are slowly getting settled into our new home and really love it. Tweety is doing much better and even though she still follows me around from room to room, it takes her a few minutes before she actually gets up to find me.

The Dish Network people came out and installed my TV but we are still waiting on hubbys. We ordered the HD DVR for him and the local shop needed to order that receiver. Hopefully this afternoon they'll be out there.

I have been working on several small projects as well as my Butterflies for the Filet CAL over at CAL Pals. My afghan is going to be huge. I spread it out on my bed which is king sized just to get a WIP photo and it hung off both sides of the bed! I'm only on row #29 and have used almost 2 full skeins of Caron One Pounders! The way this is going it'll take another 10 skeins to finish! It is looking lovely though! Once the internet gets hooked up at home I'll be able to post the pic.

Work is getting ridiculous. I am still waiting to hear about my possible "good news" but in the meantime I just want to scream! The girl who fills in for me when I'm not here (she works at our other store in town most of the time) is constantly doing things I tell her not to and then tells the owner a completely different story. The manager at our other store constantly has problems with her too but nothing seems to get done about it. I had Saturday off and when I came back on Monday she had written all over my calendar, downloaded a bunch of games on the computer (after I specifically told her not to!) and I found out from 2 customers that she closed 20 mins early! When I called her to find out what was going on with all of this she told me she closed late not early and then called the owner and started complaining to him about me. HELLO! It's my store! So now if I have a problem with her I have to call him and tell him first. Geez, it's just ridiculous! I can't wait til I don't have to work here anymore. She can have this store and let her see what happens. It's almost more trouble than it's worth to take a day off.

In other news we are still waiting to hear about getting the new car. We have the deal all pretty much done with my nephew but the problem is him getting it down here. I guess his boss is having a hard time giving him the Saturday he needs to drive it down here off. You'd think since it's to make a sale he wouldn't have a problem with it but I think my nephew works for my boss's twin brother or something! Let's keep our fingers crossed. Right now he's aiming at next weekend to bring it down here if all goes well.

Speaking of next weekend, it's our 5 year wedding anniversary (on the 15th) and since we are totally tapped out from moving and all we will be spending a quiet anniversary at home. Usually we will take a weekend trip somewhere close by but just can't swing it this time. Hopefully we'll be able to go see the new Superman movie and have some dinner. What in the world am I going to get him for an anniversary gift? I always have the hardest time with that.

Oh well, back to work. Thanks for everyones encouragement! It's been so wonderful to hear all the well wishes from everyone!

P.S. The day we moved I got a wonderful package from my Secret Pal! I just haven't been able to comment on it and was waiting til I had pics to post. Just so you know whoever you are secret pal, I loved everything! THANK YOU SO MUCH!


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glad you're getting settled


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