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Saturday, June 10, 2006

I'm fed up!

I have about had it working for the devil. Yes I need a paycheck but I also need my sanity. We are supposed to get every 3rd Saturday off and was promised it would start up again after tax season ended. Tax season ended how long ago and still nothing? After begging I finally got approved for the 1st of July off as we are moving that weekend. Well, working 6 days a week, when am I supposed to pack? I asked for this Saturday off as this would be 3 weeks before the 1st and he threw a fit saying he needed to talk to the other manager. I had just talked to her and she said it wouldn't be a problem. Well now all of a sudden, her worker, the girl who fills in for me when I'm gone needs Saturday off. Excuse me? I thought we weren't getting Saturday's off til the 1st of July? Now all of a sudden she's getting it off. Then I find out that the 2 of them have been taking Saturday's off for awhile now. I'm just done with it. Last Friday after spending all night in the emergency room with my foot and being told not to go to work for 3 days, I went straight to work all doped up on drugs from the hospital so I could function and do I get a thank you? NO! After I had carpal tunnel surgery they told me NOT to go back to work for at least 3 days but I only took the day of and the day after the surgery off and did I get a thank you? NO! I got complaints about not being there (even though I have sick time available).

Not to mention that every single time I fix something for this man that instead of thanking me for saving him tons of money at a computer repair shop he says things like "man, I really did a great job fixing that Donna. I amaze even myself." The man is so full of himself and really thinks he is God. Well I am through. The moment I get another job I'm so gone. I am tired of him treating me like crap and bullying everyone in his path. He honestly thinks that he's all that. He brags about cutting deals with people and such but it never happens. When I started there over a year ago he promised to get the lights fixed (the only lights that work are the ones in the main office and the bathroom. You have to walk in the dark to get to the bathroom and to get to the storeroom in back.) Not to mention that the phone has always been a problem. There's a static in it that's so bad sometimes I cannot make or take a phone call. Heck, how about the fact that I was working in a 95 degree office for a whole week before the man bothered to come out and check to make sure I wasn't lying about it being 95 degrees in there. Well I'm through with it.

Since starting there last February I have more than tripled business. I'm bringing in more money than this store has ever seen but that isn't good enough for him. He's constantly wanting more and quick to tell everyone what a bad job we are all doing. Not to mention NO RAISE since I've been there. The manager at our other store has been there for years and has never gotten one. Everytime she asks he tells her that she doesn't deserve one.

Well I am tired of putting money into a man's wallet that is essentially the devil. I am worth more than that. He feels because we are "salaried" employees he can work us how ever many hours he wants to. Heck, last year when I was out for a couple days for dental surgery he actually tried docking my paycheck! You can't have your cake and eat it too! I found out that in the state of Florida, in order for you to be a salaried employee you have to make a certain amount of money and I certainly don't make it. Well let him get another person who will work 6 days every week for peanuts cuz I'm not doing it anymore!

P.S. For those of you kind enough to ask, my foot is doing much better. I'm off the crutches but I still can't walk that far. I was going to go to the foot Dr but our new insurance is an HMO and I have to go to the primary before I can go to the Podiatrist. Like I have time and money to do that. At this point I'm making my Dr's appointments and the office can go to hell for all I care!


At 8:43 PM, Blogger jacquiwheadon said...

Have you got union membership or a workplace health and safety officer you can lodge a complaint with? I had heal spurs and my dr advised me to swim until i could walk more and lose weight. So i bought a comfy pair of shoes and as soon as i was able i walked my dog around our block. As we had just moved it also helped me get to know the neighbourhood.I know how painful spurs are.


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