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Monday, March 20, 2006

Another Workplace Rant!

With the business that I'm in I deal with deadbeats. I am the manager of a cash advance store so I have a lot of customers who obviously cannot pay their bills and come to me for cash til their next paydays. 90% of my customers are good people and always pay off on time, however there are the exceptions and then good customers that go bad. One of my customers is a 20-something married woman who works full time and never seems to have enough money. Her DH also works and they seem very nice. A few months ago she told me how she and her DH were trying to have a baby and that when she did get pregnant she would quit work. I couldn't help but think "If she has to come in here for money all the time, how in the world can they afford a child and have only one income?" Well, sure enough after several good transactions she had an excuse as to why she couldn't pay on time. Being as nice as I am I agreed to let her make payments til it was paid off. She agreed to $20 a paycheck and the first couple of times she came in with her payment then all of a sudden she wasn't there. It's been over 3 weeks and nothing. I remember the last time I saw her she told me she was going to Hawaii for her sisters wedding and would be in with a payment on March 8th when she returned. It's now the 20th and I have not seen her nor can I get a hold of her. I finally reached her on her cell this morning and again I got every excuse you can think of and then some. Finally I had enough and went past my breaking point. I simply said to her "why in the world are you actively trying for a baby when you can't make a $20 payment a week to me?" at this she went nuts and started crying and screaming on the phone telling me not to judge her. Hmmmm, am I wrong or is this what is wrong with America today? Sure people get pregnant and I am thankful for those who don't have abortions but instead keep them however I'm not talking about "accidental pregnancies". I'm talking about people who can't afford to keep their phones turned on but have child after child and end up going on welfare in the end. Judging her? Maybe I am, but I can't see how a responsible person could think that way.

My DH and I have been trying for a baby for 2 years now with no success. If we were to have a child today it would be very difficult for us financially but we would be able to make do. There's a reason we didn't try to have a baby right at the start of our marriage, it's called NO MONEY! It just seems like people think that a baby will solve all their problems when in fact it causes more and more.. Maybe I am a bad person for juding this customer of mine who does have a lot of love to give a child, but I am tired of paying for every woman in America to sit on their behinds and have child after child while I work 6 days a week to keep food on the table...


At 9:14 PM, Blogger Lucy said... hit the nail on the head with that blog. I've wondered that over and over. How bout the couples who fight constantly and are treated each other like crap...but are trying to have kids...again, they think it will solve the problems. So sad.

At 11:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. However, I've been on the other end. Asking her why she was trying to have a baby when she couldn't even pay you money, really was irrelevent, and has no bearing on the fact that she owes you the dough. We don't know someone else's situation or what they are going through at home, until we walk a mile in their shoes. If her oweing you money is business, then keep it business. Her possible future parenting is a personal issue and has nothing to do with your business agreement. I'm sorry you had to be on the recieving end of her tirad, but not surprised she went off on you. I think I would have expected it, if I'd said that to her.


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