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Monday, March 13, 2006

My first Crochet Class!

Well, my first crochet class at the Hobby Lobby has come and gone and I'm pretty pleased with how it went! I had 5 of the 8 that signed up come and they seemed to enjoy it. I had a little difficulty teaching the youngest student there. She was a teenager and is left handed, but wasn't sure which hand to use. We tried both and she had problems just getting the chain going right. After closer examination I realized that she would wrap the yarn around the hoook differently each time and would take her finger and literally push the loops off the hook that way. It was obvious that she was "knitting" with a crochet hook which is what I did when my mom tried teaching me years ago with my left hand! Her and her mom may come back to my next class for follow up. I hope they do as I really want everyone to leave not only getting their moneys worth, but with a confidence that "they can do it!"

The pollen count right now is very high and my poor DH who suffers from allergies has been miserable all weekend. I have just started getting allergies and it has really been bothering me as well. Hopefully we'll get some rain this week which will help.

Friday I finally finished listening to the last of the Hatty Potter audiobooks and cannot wait for the last one to come out. This last book was probably my least favorite. It was just so dark and went in a different direction than the others. I was pretty disappointed in the "Goblet of Fire" movie as well. Dobie the house elf who was a huge part of the book was not anywhere in the movie. I also didn't like how the movie didn't show Harry at his aunt and uncles house at the beginning. It's great comic fodder seeing his Uncle getting what he deserves and they just left this out of the movie. I understand they cannot possibly fit every item in the book into the movie, but I thought it was done rather poorly. I'm anxious to see how this last book plays out without Dumbledore. He'll probably be up in a portrait on the wall offering help to Harry but it will definately be different.


At 8:48 PM, Blogger Lucy said...

Hi...found your blog in crochetville when you asked about a pet swap...Don't feel bad...I didn't know about the "rules" either, but I thought your idea was great! Oh, well. I'll be checking back here do nice work! Come visit my blog too!


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