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Friday, January 19, 2007

My latest ramblings...

Well this has been the week from hell! (We all have them, right?) I really don't want to say much except that my ulcer (which I have been able to keep under control) is starting to bother me again! Oh well, thank goodness it's the weekend!!!!!

I have been crocheting as much as possible and am trying to finish up this poncho I started. I purchased the Garden Trellis Shawl pattern from Crochet Garden which is wonderful and well worth every penny! The thing is that I wanted to make it into a poncho. I modified the pattern jut a bit and even though it should work in theory I won't hold my breath until I have it completed! I'm about 3/4's of the way through and am hoping I'll finish it this weekend. Problem is that I used some yarn I got on clearance awhile back (Red Heart Econo Baby in white) and I haven't seen it anywhere since. At first I thought 2 skeins would do it, but it looks like I'm going to come up a bit short. This weekend I'm going to run by all the yarn stores and see if anyone carries it!

Tomorrow afternoon I'm taking my 2nd Bob Ross painting class! The last one I took in November 2005 and loved it! This painting is of a horse and I know Doug will love it (he loves horses.) I'm also going to stop by Michaels and see how much $1 yarn I can snag during their sale!

In other news, I am on baby food again!!! My right upper fang tooth (which has had a crown on it) broke and it is not repairable. My dentist said this would probably happen in a few years (I had it for 5 so I can't complain) and that I have to first go to an oral surgeon to have the tooth removed then he would do the bridge. The only oral surgeon I can go to in my "network" can't get me in til next Friday. It wouldn't have been so bad but the part of the tooth that's left cracked and it's loose in my gums. I cannot even touch that area with my tongue it's so sensitive so hard, crunchy foods are out, as are most other foods. I've been eating lots of jello, pudding, potatoes and ice cream but boy am I getting sick of it!

Well that's about all the news from my exciting week! Hope everyone is doing well and I hope to post pics of my latest masterpiece sometime next week!!!!!!!!


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