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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Houses aren't what they used to be...

Well, we went and looked at a few houses last night and UGH is the only word to describe most of them. We saw one that's a 3br 2ba with a 1 car garage and the total square feet was under 1000! It was so tiny you could hardly turn around in that place! We also drove by several places that just weren't great. We did actually look at one that was reasonably priced, had a nice 2 car garage and the rooms were very roomy (even had a porch!) but whoever lived there before were smokers and the place was a mess. I mean, if you're gonna put a house up for rent, at least clean it first! With Sunday comes the new classifieds for the week so hopefully we'll find some things in the paper.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We need to find a place in the next couple of weeks!!!


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