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Friday, May 12, 2006

Questions/Answers for my One Skein Secret Pal

I'm signed up to participate in the One Skein Secret Pal and am super excited about it! So if you're my pal, this is for you:

1. Which yarn is most like your personality?
Probably Lion Brand's Festive Fur as I'm quirky and don't really match anyone else's style.

2. What is your favorite color yarn to knit/crochet with?
I think it's called Watermelon in Caron's Simply Soft. It's such a vibrant, bright color.

3. Have you ever used variegated, or magic, yarns?
Yes. I like them all except I did not like Sassy Stripes Sock yarn at all.

4. Do you tend to favor certain fibers when choosing yarns?
I'm not really into looking at labels and such. I usually choose by three things. Color, Feel, Price.

5. Do you prefer to work with center-pull or traditionally wound balls of yarn?
Center Pull

6. Have you ever worked with organic yarns or are you interested in trying them?
I have not, but I love trying new yarns!

7. How many and what projects have you made in the last year?
More than I can count! Afghans, Scarves, Ponchos, Hats, Dishcloth Sets, Purses and Handbags.

8. Will you be knitting any gifts this year?
I do not know how to knit but am going to try and learn. However I will be giving tons of Crocheted gifts this year.

9. What is your favorite one skein project?
Aran Scarf

10. How much yarn do you have in your stash and how do you store it?
I have at todays count 4 1/2 boxes full of all kinds of yarn. It's in my bedroom closet and I tried to seperate each box. 1 for Acrylic like Red Heart and Caron. 1 box for any cotton yarns. 1 box for Homespun (saving for a big project) 1 box for any specialty yarns such as Amore, Fun Fur, Sock Yarn, etc. My last box is stuff that's waiting to be sorted.

11. Do you have a yarn in your stash that you love so much you can never use it or part with it?
Yes! I have several skeins I just pick up to pet!

12. Do you knit less or differently in the summer?
No, I crochet all througout the year, it's just that I can't wear some of my items til winter.

13. Do you belong to any knitting groups (online or offline)?
CAL Pals

14. Pal, please confirm for me your mailing address
I'll wait for my pal to e-mail me for this answer!


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