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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Banquet Pictures

Our big banquet was this weekend. It was really nice and we had a great time getting all dressed up. Yes, I dyed my hair jet black for Doug. Everyone (esp Doug) likes it (except for me) so I'll keep it like this for awhile (or until the grey overcomes me again!) Anyway, just thought I'd share one of the pics that was taken of me and Doug that night...

I actually made the shawl I'm wearing. I bought the fabric at Jo-Ann's, using the hem tape, put a hem all the way around it and used a nice faux diamond button to close it. The dress is a black velvety type dress I've had for years. It had long sleeves and was very hot so I took the sleeves off and used the hem tape on the sleeves as well so without the wrap it just looked like a sleeveless black dress!

I just put my hair up with some clips so for a black tie event I think I did pretty good as far as how much my outfit cost. The total with earrings and all was less than $20! Not bad considering some people bought brand new prom type dresses for this event!


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