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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

January Update

Well, the new year has begun and not much is new around here. I threw my back out during Christmas break and my Dr. wants me to have another consult with a surgeon about it. I am going to schedule an appt and see what he says. I am also going to do more physical therapy as my right leg and right side of my lower back is still not much better when I do much walking.

Doug and I think my office chair may be hurting my back at home as I sit here at my desk sometimes for a couple hours at a time esp on the weekends e-mailing and watching tv and when I get up my back really hurts. So this weekend we are going to move the rocker/recliner from the living room (which nobody sits in anyway) in here and see if it helps. If it does, I think we'll start looking for a permanent chair for me. For that matter, I don't know that I really need a "desk" persay. It just takes up a lot of space and since I have the wireless keyboard and wireless mouse why do I need a desk? I'm thinking maybe I could find a nice chaise lounger, get rid of the desk and put my computer on a nice little table and sit here on my lounger and watch tv with my keyboard on my lap. Why not, right? I dunno, I think if I did that, I would never leave my room! LOL

I've already broken a bunch of my crochet resolutions for the year, including not starting too many projects at once! Oh well, life goes on, right? I am doing fairly well with my stashbusting score this year so far and have only purchased 2 skeins of yarn so far! WOO-HOO! (Ok, so they were one pounders, but still!)

Doug and I have really been enjoying our garage now that it's cleaned out and roomy out there! We've been playing cards in the evening and the weathers been so nice. It's a lot more fun than watching tv like usual!

I'm so excited! I'm all signed up to take my 3rd Bob Ross Oil Painting class! If you've never taken one, I encourage you to go to your nearest craft store and do it! I am not an artist at all but you really do leave with a beautiful oil painting ready for framing! This one is on Feb 2nd at Michaels. I hope that after this class I will feel confidant enough to try one on my own but I don't know. I guess if I mess up it's just a canvas that I've wasted, right?

And for now I leave you with a couple of pictures.

This first one is of all of us on Christmas Eve!

And this one is from New Years Eve. As you can see, I now have curly hair! I got a perm over Christmas break and I love it!


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