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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Where's Donna?

Some have been asking this question... I have been neglecting my blog as well as time on my fave boards for the past couple of weeks. Haven't had a chance to upload any pictures or do much of anything but go to work and come home.

My Dr. put me on a new medicine which is supposed to prevent the Tension and Migraine Headaches that I have been getting more and more frequently. I am at a month of being on the medicine and it's not helping yet. This week has been hell as far as headaches go so I have really only been on the computer when I feel up to it. (Right now I'm feeling ok.) I have started sleeping a little bit better but not great. I only woke up early with a headache twice this week which is good, but restful sleep has eluded me. I am usually awake at least once an hour then toss and turn til I fall back asleep again and then I literally yawn all day long. I trust my Dr. though and know that these things take time before they work.

In crochet news, I finished stitching together my friendship purse from CAL Pals. 12 of us all made small grannies and sent one to each person in the list and are making purses from them. We got the pattern from but mine took on a whole new personality and I did mine a little differently. I will write out the pattern and post it here when I finish it. Right now I am trying desperately to line the purse. Obviously granny squares aren't great for purses with all the holes so this one I have no choice but to line it. I got a bunch of fabric on clearance at Wal-Mart tonite and have finally got it all pinned and measured (I think) correctly. Now I have to hand stitch the seam on the tops and the sides together, then sew it to the bag itself. Have I ever mentioned that I HATE HATE HATE sewing? I may have to break down and get a sewing machine! I am going to give it a good effort tomorrow and if I can't do it, I'm calling one of my customers (who I'm friends with and who sews!) and have her sew it for me!

I am also working on my hubby's Christmas gift and it's coming along nicely. I am wondering if I will still have my sanity by the time it's finished though! I don't know what I was thinking taking on this big of a graph project!!!

Tonite I bought the yarn for my Purse Swap partners purse and will begin working on it probably this weekend. I have narrowed down the purse I plan to make to 2 different ones, but haven't decided exactly which one I want to make yet. I am also trying to finish up a replacement package for the paparrazy swap over at Crochet Mania. Geez, talk about having a bunch of irons in the fire!

Say a prayer that this headache medicine starts working so I can feel human again! Thanks!!!


At 12:07 AM, Blogger DixieRedHead said...

glad ur back to blogging. missed reading ya

At 6:55 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Sorry your medicine isn't working;
been there, done that and it bites.

Had migraines so bad at one point, nmy dr put me on blood pressure medicine (something about the blood vessels and it helping prevent them). It did help some, at leats it kept me from having to go to the ER weekly.

I really hope you get relief soon, I know how horrible those are and how it drags a person down.
I'll be praying for you.

At 12:12 PM, Blogger Lucy said...

Hope you feel better soon....luckily I rarely ever get headaches...just some slight sinus pressure when the weather changes. Just take it easy for awhile!


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