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Friday, May 19, 2006

I can knit!!!

Julie from over at CALPals suggested I take up knitting while recovering from surgery as it doesn't require as much movement with the left hand as crochet does. I have tried knitting in the past and just couldn't get the hang of it. Now, I could cast on all day long but I just couldn't understand the stitches. Then it dawned on me. When I took that class she had us use tiny little needles. Well, I know from experience that when you're teaching a beginner how to crochet you don't give them fingering weight yarn and a size C hook. You usually teach them with WW and either a G or H. So I went to the store and bought one of the largest sized alum needle sets I could find (I think it's a size 13). I sat down last night with a Knit/Crochet magazine I've had for ages and taught myself how to knit!!! Now, I have the knit stitch down pat and it's time I move on to the purl. I am so excited! It's like a whole new world has opened to me! Before I wouldn't take a second look at something knitted, but now I think "it's a possibility!" I cannot believe the woman at Michael's teaches with such a small sized needle. No wonder hardly anyone takes those classes. Of course I'm really anxious to learn this new art form properly as several people have wanted me to offer knitting classes in addition to the crochet ones. Oh and Julie was right! I can knit much easier with my hand in this condition than I can crocheting!!!


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