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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Polish Chili

I just got done eating dinner and it was wonderful! My family's famous recipe for Chili made the Polish way! My mom made the best chili and my brother has been the one in the family to make it since she's been gone. Now that I live over a thousand miles away I had to learn to do it myself. I only make it a couple times a year because Doug won't eat the same thing more than twice without having something new (he gets bored very easily with food!) and it's really hard to make less than 4 pounds. My brother usually makes at least twice that much but he has a big family to feed.

So, what is Polish chili you ask? One ingredient is what makes it that! Ready? Potatoes! When I married Doug he thought I was nuts! I grew up with Potatoes in my chili and the first time I got chili from a restaurant and there were no potatoes I was shocked. I thought all chili was made like that! Then I learned that in the mainstream there aren't potatoes in it. It really adds that something extra.

Doug and I also like our chili sweet rather than hot so we put extra brown sugar in it. I figured I'd make a batch up since I'm having surgery on Tuesday and won't be able to cook for awhile and I can easily just heat this up.

I will post the recipe later on. If you've never tried it before, live a little! Once you try it with potatoes, you'll never eat chili without it again!

Well, I need to get the kitchen cleaned and laundry done before the Survivor finale!!! Doug and I both picked Terry from the very beginning but he's gotten so cocky we don't want him to win now. I really want Cerie to win but I don't think she will. We'll find out in a few hours!!!!


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