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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Tingling in my hand/arm

For the past 2 weeks I have been noticing quite a bit of tingling in my arms and hands. It's been more so in the left than right. It only happens for moments at a time then goes away but I'll bet it happens approx 2 dozen times a day at least. I haven't said anything about it to anyone because I am so afraid of having to have surgery and having to give up my crocheting and such for such a long time. Both my sister and brother have had to have Carpal Tunnel Surgery done on both hands. My sister does data entry and my brother is a body man (works on cars). My sister's surgery was easy and she recovered quickly. My brother was in a lot of pain and it took him awhile to recover. Not only am I afraid to know what happening for all these reasons but with work as well. Right now I have the nerve damage in my leg which has limited some of my job responsibilites until it gets better. My bosses understand why I can go marketing right now but they are not pleased about it. Not to mention the fact that I do have a messed up back from a few years ago when I fell and of course the constant migraines I get which I can't take anything for as my DH and I are trying for a baby. If I have anything else wrong with me I don't think I'll be able to take it.

On top of all of this both the oven and dishwasher in our home are not working correctly. I am a baker and a half. I got my baking talent from my mom and not tooting my own horn here but I make some pretty darn good desserts. Anyway, for the past few weeks every single thing I have made has not turned out. The first 2 times I honestly thought it was this new glass pan I had but last weekend I made foolproof brownies and the same thing again. It's like the oven isn't getting hot enough or something. Sure enough, I put in a Tombstone Pizza yesterday and it ALWAYS takes 15 mins on 400 and it's perfect. Yesterday I had to cook it for almost 20 and the middle was still not quite done. Well then we noticed that all the dishes we just washed weren't clean and inside there was crud in the dishwasher that should have rinsed away. We went ahead and ran it again and the same thing happened so I just spent 30 mins killing my back and my left hand tingling the whole time hand washing dishes. Now I have to call the landlord and tell him of the problems. He's not going to be happy as he just replaced the stove not more than a year ago as the old one went out. UGH! We honestly are really good tenants and do most little repairs ourself. We only call him if it's something that's going to cost a bit of money or something. I mean, we have replaced the screen door on the porch and the handle/lock on the glass doors ourselves. We aren't going to call him about piddly stuff but still...

I have spent most of today cleaning my room. I am such a pack rat and have a hard time putting things away when I'm finished with them. Well my desk has been a disaster area for months now so I have been cleaning it all day. It's finally done! All the drawers are cleaned out and organized and there's actually room to write and such! WOW! Wanna make a bet on how long it'll stay this way? Of course I haven't even started on the rest of the room yet! Just another wonderful Sunday for me... I cannot wait for my vacation next month. I am sooooo tired of working 6 days a week I cannot even tell you!

Ok, I'm done complaining for now. If you've hung in this long, God Bless You! Having this blog is wonderful therapy for me. I can complain without having to force someone to listen to me... Hopefully I'll be my old cheerful self tomorrow...


At 10:05 PM, Blogger Lucy said...

Hey...I hung on....don't worry, it's always darkest before the dawn. Maybe you'll get new appliances and you'll be baking and washing away!!! Think positive...hang in there....and keep thinking about the vacation! Hope you feel better soon.

At 5:16 PM, Blogger Askinstoo said...

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