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Sunday, February 11, 2007


Ever been to this restaurant before? If not, it's a buffet style place and a little pricey. When they first opened here a couple of years ago it was incredible. The food was fantastic and worth every penny. Then we noticed slowly but surely it getting worse and worse. We had an especially bad meal a few months ago and complained to the management about it. They gave us a couple of free coupons so we used them this weekend. Sad to say it'll be the last time we ever go there.

Not only was the food just plain awful but they weren't doing anything about the zillions of children pushing adults out of the way in line. There must have been a reunion or something but there were tons of kids with this group of people (many of them small children) who literally pushed us out of the way to get the food. Many used their hands and were just plain rude. Aside from the kids most of the food was old and cold. It's a shame when a good place turns bad. They used to have some of the best food around and now it's just a way overpriced buffet.

There's one reason why places like McDonald's and Burger King are still in business and thriving. Because (for the most part) they serve the same quality food at each location and don't just start serving old, nasty food because they can.

There's my rant for the evening! It wasn't too bad, was it?


At 12:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We don't have Barnhill's, but there is a Ryan's in town. I like to call it the trough. My hubby and i used to smoke. and the smoking section was in the same room where the employees took their break, so we got to listen to them moan and complain about how their jobs sucked. the food was old, and the bathroom...well, lets just say i've been to bathrooms in truck stops that were cleaner. Never again at Ryans!!

Also, I'm not sure I'd call anything at Buger King or McDonalds "quality food". HA! But at least it is consistant, even if it is blood-sludge, with a specialty in heart stopping cholesteral! :) :) :)


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