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Friday, April 14, 2006

Just another day in paradise

Ahhh, that got your attention, didn't it? Actually, even though I love the weather down here in Florida, the past 2 weeks have been hell. It's been getting rather cold at night but yet it's still blistering hot during the day. The sudden change in temps is wreaking havoc with my arthritis. I hardly ever have problems with it living down here but lately it's been a pain. This morning I could not even grip with my right hand. Now it's just a little sore but not too bad. When I lived up north it was pure torture so at least living down here I only have to deal with it a small portion of time.

I had all my packages for my secret pal, all my swaps and my DH's graduation invites all ready to go and left early for the post office. I went to the one nearest my home instead of the one on the way to work as the one by work is so packed all of the time. For some reason I had a brain fart and thought they opened at 8am. Nope, 8:30. Because of the road construction and 2 new traffic lights that have been put up on my commute, I have to leave earlier so I didn't get to the post office this morning. I guess I'll have to leave early tomorrow and fight the Saturday crowds.

Speaking of my DH's upcoming graduation I am at a loss at what to get him. He wanted a class ring, but I have yet to get a hold of the sole jewler who makes them for his college. I have written e-mails, called and nothing. I guess they didn't want the sale... My hubby has always been extremely difficult to buy for. He mentioned in passing about me giving him the "buy in amount" for an upcoming Texas Hold Em tourney in town. I dunno, that's kind of a lame gift IMO.

It's way past time for my little Tweety to see the groomer but we have been putting it off so that she's cleanly groomed for DH's party as there will be a houseload of people there. Poor thing is scratching and is so overgrown. She looks like she did when we got her from the pound! (Ok, not quite that bad, but she's getting there!) I plan on taking both her and Fozzy to the groomers the week I'm on vacation. Fozzy is starting to get over-grown but isn't too bad yet. We usually take Tweety once for every twice Fozzy goes as because of the Maltese in him, Fozzy grows much quicker than her.

I am so looking forward to my vacation! This will be my first paid vaca since our honeymoon almost 5 years ago! I am quite certain the week will fly by but I am hopeful that within a few months I will not have to work 6 days a week anymore.

My next crochet class is this Saturday and I am hoping I get a few more people signed up. I only have 1 so far. In the past, I have had at least 2 people sign up at the last minute but I think due to the holiday weekend that's why it's so sparce. Oh well, one is better than none!

I had to go into Wal-Mart for a few things last night and they had their remaining Mainstays yarn on clearance for $1 a skein. I only had an extra $10 on me so I bought 10 skeins and left 4 there. Hobby Lobby has a nice clearance section now and most of the yarn there is at least 1/2 off. I have already gotten several skeins but the other day I noticed a bunch of Bernat 100% merino wool for only $2.29 a skein! I think if there is any left tomorrow I'll pick a few of them up. It'd be great for making handbags and such. A recent issue of Crochet World Magazine had a great pattern for a felted handbag I've been wanting to try.


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