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Thursday, April 13, 2006

No cake this week

I hate to do this but I think I'll have to start asking for a depost if someone places an order for a cake or any other item. The woman who wanted the cake hasn't returned my e-mails or calls regarding the flavor cake she wanted. I finally tracked her down last night and she said "Oh, well, ummm, we're having an Easter party this weekend and I don't want the little kids to get their fingers in the cake so I'm not going to take it now. Maybe later." Ummm, ok... (Talk about a fake excuse!) If you don't want to order the cake, call me and let me know. I'm glad I got a hold of her as I was just about to start on the frosting. She called me, she placed the order with me. I didn't make her order a cake. Several people have told me I really should charge 1/2 for a deposit to start the thing but I tend to be a little naive in that I think peoople are going to be as honest as I think they are. Oh well, not a biggie. I could use a little break, but it irks me... So from this point forward unless it's for a close friend, I will not take any cake orders without 1/2 the cost down for a non-refundable deposit. Heck, I had to do that for my wedding cake. It's not much different here since that's one of the things I do...

I really should make a cake for our new neighbors though. They just got through moving in and I wanted to make them a cake welcoming them to the neighborhood. We'll see if I can make myself get up and do it!


At 2:58 PM, Blogger Lucy said...

I think you should make it anyway for you and hubby and us bloggers to see...ok, not a good idea! I agree that you should take 1/2 deposit...but I'm like you...I would have trusted them for it!


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