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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Crochet Class #3

Well my next class is this afternoon. I'm teaching the Mini Easter Egg Pillow and Easter Egg Placemats.

I am having a lot of fun teaching and am meeting some really great people. I think maybe next month I'll do something like a Crochet Social one week where you pay like $10 and bring whatever project you're working on and I can give help and such... I have seen that other people do this and it seems to work well for them, so maybe it'll work well for me too.

The only downside to teaching Crochet Classes is that I don't get home on Saturday's til after 7, sometimes it's almost 8. Working 6 days a week on top of that and Sunday's are my only day to get cleaning, laundry and a little relaxing done. I'll be so glad when I don't have to work 6 days a week anymore. We are hoping that after my DH gets his degree that even if I can't stop working totally that maybe I can go down to part time which would be wonderful! My vacation is coming up the end of this month and I am sooooo looking forward to it! It'll be my first paid vacation since my honeymoon back in 2001! Of course, I won't be doing anything spectacular. My DH's college graduation is the Saturday of that week so I'll be cleaning and getting everything ready for the party. I still haven't decided what kind of cake I'm gonna make so I still have to plan for that.

I also have a cake to make this week. Kinda funny how it came about. I was standing in line last week at the Wal-Mart deli and this lady was looking through the cake book there and came back over to her husband complaining that they didn't have the kind of cake she wanted. I told her that I overheard her and that I make cakes. I gave her one of my business cards and she called me the next day. She just wanted a simple Barbie Doll cake. Not too difficult and it's for a birthday party next weekend so I'll probably start on it on Wednesday. Kinda funny where you find clients!


At 3:41 PM, Blogger Lucy said...

You better take pictures of the cake...I would love to see it. Geez...are you talented or what???

At 5:17 PM, Blogger Donna Lynn said...

Awww, thanks. Actually I attribute my cake decorating skills to Wilton as without those classes I had no idea what I was doing! I'll be sure to post pics when finished!


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