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Monday, April 17, 2006

Counting down the days til vacation!

Well, it's official, 1 week til vacation!!! I am soooo excited as this will be my first paid vacation since my honeymoon in 2001! I will not be going anywhere special but will enjoy the peace and quiet of my home and spending lots of time with my doggies! Doug graduates from college on the 29th so of course I'll have a lot to keep me busy throughout the week. I have to buy all the decorations, get the house cleaned, get his suit dry cleaned, steam his gown, get the doggies groomed, take care of ordering food for the party and of course making his cake. I already told him that Mon and Tues I will devote to running errands (I also have a couple of Dr's appts those days) but Wed , Thurs and Fri I will NOT get in my car and will probably not even get dressed! Tee Hee! It's going to be sooooo nice to be at home and relax! My daily commute for work has gotten longer with the addition of a new traffic light so I drive an hour each way to work and I only like 17.6 miles away! It's insane! Trust me, I have tried every possible short-cut, alternative route, you name it. There are just too many people trying to get around the streets of Ocala these days.

I'm still trying to figure out what to do for food for the party. It won't be large, maybe 20 people but I don't want the hassle of cooking and cleaning. We were thinking of having Lee's cater it, but they usually require a 50 person minimum. If you don't have a Lee's Fried Chicken where you live, you are missing out. The best chicken I have ever had and quite reasonable. We may just end up buying a couple large buckets or something. Then I have to figure out what kind of cake I'm making. I want it to be spectacular but tasty too. It'll more than likely be a tiered cake but I am still trying to figure out the layout in my mind.

The doggies will be so happy that mommy will be home with them all week! When we first adopted Tweety I wasn't working so when I did go back to work she had a rough time at first. In fact, to this day, if we don't close the bedroom door, she'll poop on our bed. She's fine in the living room. Doesn't get into anything and very rarely has an accident, but I'm quite certain after vacation is over she'll make a statement about me being gone. Fozzy has always been a great doggie and usually never has accidents. You could leave a steak on the floor and leave for hours and he wouldn't touch it. He's a very well adjusted doggie but he's a mama's boy. It'll be nice to stay home and play with them all day!

Of course going on vacation means more work. I will have a lot of things to do on Friday and Saturday and I'm quite certain I'll have a bunch more to do when I get back. Things never do get done as needed when you're gone. Oh well. My cell phone will be turned off and I'll be able to forget this place for a week! Cannot wait!

Of course the best part about my hubby's graduation is that we'll actually have time to spend together again. He works, goes to school and studies so much we rarely have time together. It'll be nice to get him back!

If anyone has any suggestions for the party or anything, please comment away! I welcome all suggestions!


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