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Friday, February 22, 2008

4.8 pounds lost! WOO-HOO!

Well, I am very excited! At our first weigh in for Weight Watchers at Work on Tuesday I lost 4.8 pounds! I can't believe it! This was Doug's first week so we're not sure how he's doing yet but we are both excited about this program! Our job is paying for the program and so far we are doing so well with the points. Today was the first day I was bad. Doug took me to Sonny's for lunch and let's just say I'm very glad we have 35 bonus points for the week as I used almost all of them on lunch! It was really nice though to eat out and I can say I actually barely ate anything. I took home about 3/4 of my meal and Doug and I will split what's left for dinner.

Keep your fingers crossed for me and Doug! We would really love to get some of this weight off!!!


At 8:11 PM, Blogger Lucy said...

Good for you....I'm not on weight watches just calorie counting and since January lost 15....we can do it...keep up the good work!


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