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Monday, August 13, 2007

More vacation pics (Berea, Ohio) and the first from Michigan

We ended our time in Ohio with a short drive to Berea (my mom's hometown) to have dinner with my Uncle Paul and his family. This is me and my Uncle Paul (my mom's youngest brother)

This one is my grandma (she looks pretty good for 86, doesn't she?) Doug, my Uncle Paul, Aunt Laurie and cousin Amanda.

We drove my grandma back to Michigan with us which was intersting and she stayed with my brother and his wife. On Tuesday night (our first full night in Michigan) I went to Michigan City, Indiana with Bev and my step-sister, Jennifer for a night of slots at the casino! I had never been to a casino before and had a blast! I started with $30 and ended up with $90!!!! How exciting! This is me playing one of my first slot machines!

This one is of my and Jen. (Notice the woman in the left side of the picture? I wasn't at the casino, I swear! LOL)

After our evening of gambling, this is the 3 of us waiting for the valet to bring our car around.
Nothing could have been a better topper for the evening than a stop at Oinks!!! Oinks is located in New Buffalo, Michigan (on the way home from Mich City) and is famous for some of the best hand dipped ice cream anywhere! In the summer, this place is always super crowded so it was impossible to get a pic inside but they have tons of collectible pig items hanging from the ceiling along with lots of vintage ice cream scoops and the like! If you ever find yourself near New Buffalo in the summertime, make sure you stop here! The prices are steep (for the 3 of us it was almost $15) but it's so worth it!


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Just checking out all your cool to just visit all your relatives and travel around! Enjoy!


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