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Friday, June 15, 2007

We've made the move!!!

Well, last weekend we moved into our very first home that we own and although closing was a disaster and the moving company was a joke, we are here and finally in our very own place!!! You will be able to see from the pictures that this house is much smaller than our other house but it is extremely expensive to purchase homes and land in Florida. For what we paid for this little house here, we could have purchased a 3 story, 5 bedroom, 2 bath on several acres up in Michigan but since we live in tourist central, prices are high.

We are so excited to be able to paint and decorate how we want to and have so many ideas for the place! This weekend we plan on going shopping for a few things and I think our first thing to "fix up" is the master bathroom. The walls are painted in 2 completely different colors and neither match the countertop so we are going to re-paint the walls and then I'm thinking of sponge painting over it. My craft room/office I plan on re-painting and I will try my hand at free hand by maybe painting balls of yarn and a crochet hook near where I keep my yarn!

We are by no means unpacked except for essentials but each day we get a few more unpacked. We leave for Michigan in 2 weeks and with work I highly doubt we'll be totally unpacked by then but hopefully very soon!

Ok, here are the pics I took the morning we moved so it's almost empty but gives you an idea of how it looks. As we get rooms finished I'll be adding more pics...

These first 2 are of our backyard:

These next ones are of the exterior of the house.

These are of the garage. I love the fact that it has the nice sliding screen doors on it so that once we get it all unpacked in there, we'll be able to sit out there and enjoy the weather without the bugs!

This is the hallway that goes between the garage and the kitchen which of course is also our laundry room.

This is one of the small dining room area and the sliding glass doors that lead out to the patio and backyard.

The guest bathroom

The spare bedroom and it will also be Doug's room where his computer will be.

My office/craft room

These are of the kitchen

These next ones are of the living room area:

This is another of the dining room area:

This is the beautiful bay window in the master bedroom:

And last, but not least, my very own jacuzzi bathtub! I love this thing! It's so relaxing and I just love it! Word of warning, if you ever get one, make sure you get spa soap as the first night I used it I poured a tiny amount of regular soap in the tub so I'd have a few bubbles and once I turned on the jets, in no time the suds had overpowered me and were above my head! LOL From now on, only spa products go in here!


At 11:49 PM, Blogger loopy1 said...

Oh Boy! I get to comment first! Thanks for showing us the pictures of the house. It looks terrific, Donna! I pray you guys will be especially blessed in your new home! Congratulations! and God Bless!


At 12:36 PM, Blogger Karen said...


You home is very nice and in Sunny Florida to boot :) Loved the pictures!!

At 3:48 PM, Blogger StitchLuva and Yarn said...

beautiful home. may you have many happy times here.

At 6:55 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Everything looks so lovely. What a cute house!

At 12:42 PM, Blogger Lucy said...



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