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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'm cookin now!

Well, I spent over 4 hours doing all the necessary shopping today for Doug's party this weekend. I still need to pick up a few more decorations but most everything has been purchased. I was shocked when I ran into Jo-Ann's today and noticed they put several Wilton Items in the Orange Stickered Clearance section which made it 75% off! I got several "Gummy Kits" and "Cookie Kits". With the 75% off it's worth it just for the icing inside let alone everything else. I got about 6 different molds and I bought a neat "party mold" from Michaels. I am making the cake as well as some little chocolate lollipops and chocolate melds that will be in the theme of the party. I always buy things on clearance for when I'll need them down the road and I'm glad I did as I have lots of clear favor bags and such so everyone at the party will get their own bag of goodies.

Unfortunately I couldn't find the number molds anywhere to make the cute little roll up diplomas. Oh well, I really don't have time to make crepes anyways.

I will post pics when I get them done. I hope to get a start on that tomorrow. Friday night Doug's nephews may come over (still waiting to see if that's gonna happen) and they can help me out. Justin (the younger one) loves working in the kitchen and baking and stuff where as Jeremey (the older one) is more into doign things with Doug so I'll keep him busy blowing up balloons and such. The last time I made cookies, Justin was such a big help and we had a great time. I told Doug if the boys come over I'm sending him off to the movies or something so we can create for his party in private!

Well, looking around this house I really need to start cleaning. It's now Tuesday night and I haven't even done laundry yet... I wonder if I took 2 weeks off work if my boss would kill me? LOL


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