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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I am beyond upset at some things that have happened recently so I am posting about them here in my blog.

Ok, first of all, Crochetville is probably the best online community ever. It has really made me feel special and I have grown so fond of many of the people there. As with all communities (on line or in person) there are always going to be people with differing views.

Since joining last year I noticed one person in particular who was constantly causing problems and being a kill joy. I would normally not call someone out but since she decided to call me out on her blog I feel a call out is necessary. Elizabeth (aka ThreeOlive) has basically had a bug up her butt since I've had the misfortune of running across her. She is probably one of the most bitter people I've ever seen and even though she's not a moderator of this forum, she seems to think it's her job to be bossy and tell everyone what they are doing wrong. We butted heads many a time and I wasn't the only one she made feel like the bottom of a shoe. Many many times she has logged on only to say mean and hurtful things. I'm told she's just being honest but there is a fine line between saying something nicely and being outright mean. I truly believe she thinks that she is better than everyone else. She loves to tell everyone what they are doing wrong. Now I don't know everything there is to know about this next part but when our Crochetville "friend" Valerie supposedly was killed Elizabeth took it upon herself to find out the truth. She made phone calls and inquiries and found out that she had not been killed. She posted as much and from what she says in her blog she was attacked because of this. I have read the particular thread in question several times and all I've seen is thanks to her for finding out the truth. After this fiasco she decided to leave Crochetville and she's quite bitter about it. Personally I think she's pissed because she was never promoted to "moderator" status. All I can say about that is THANK GOODNESS! If she had ever become a moderator I would have left lickkety split! Now, saying all of this and getting it off my chest I just want to add that I feel sorry for her. I understand she has gone through a lot and has/had cancer and such, however, that does not give her liscense to treat people the way she has done. My mother died of cancer and died with dignity and grace. One of my best friends in the world died of breast cancer before she turned 35. She had more grace than anyone could possibly have. Throughout her ordeal she was such a witness to God's amazing love and power and she was able to lead many people to Him because of it. When I think of her I think of how she handled herself throughout this ordeal and I smile. It's a shame that if Elizabeth died tomorrow, I would remember her with pity that she was so full of hate and malice that she never had a nice thing to say to anyone. All I can do is pray for her and hope that the Lord helps her with her anger.

As a last thought I want to say that Crochetville is a great place. The moderators have rules set up and if you want to be a part of this community then you need to follow the rules. Nobody makes you post on the boards so if you choose to post, follow the rules and don't complain just to complain. In the meantime, I won't be complaining if a newbie posts something that's already been asked 100 times as I was a newbie once myself. I also won't be upset if someone posts pictures of all 8,000 shawls they made as I love seeing other peoples work. I also won't be upset if someone posts something I don't care to read. If I don't care to read it, nobody is forcing me to. Oh and by the way, I will NEVER purchase anything from Three Olives store. She does beautiful work with her yarns but I can't possibly contribute to someone who is so mean and spiteful that they do these kinds of things. I'd much rather spend my money with people who are nice, polite and try to help people. Not only that, but IT'S NOT MY JOB TO TELL PEOPLE WHAT THEY ARE DOING WRONG! It's a moderators job.

This is my view on the subject and (as Forrest Gump says) That's all I have to say about that!

P.S. I didn't leave a comment on her blog as I noticed she edited out every single person who crossed her and didn't agree with her. I will never edit someone who comments on my blog unless they curse and are mean.

I wanted to add that I never claimed to know the whole story of what happened. I can only comment on what I know. Heck, I was one of the people that thanked Three Olive for finding out the truth. The only reason I posted anything on my blog about this is because she attacked me first. The only thing I ever did to her was ask the board for advice on a variety of topics that were not to her liking. I wish everyone would stop condeming me for mentioning this. She mentioned me first and called me out first when I did nothing to her. Leave your comments and opinions but don't act like she's a Saint. There will always been a differing of opinions with any community but all I asked for was for those who wish to post there to follow the rules. When Liz made people feel bad for posting questions (I know as many people contacted me about it) I think she crossed the line. And please don't curse on my blog as I will edit that out. If you want to cuse on your blog that's your perrogative but please don't say those things on mine. It's a sad time in the world when people would rather be mean and hateful than nice to each other. I have a blog so I can give my opinions, if you don't like mine then DON'T READ MY BLOG! In the end, I wasn't the one who wouldn't play nice. I support all the Crochetvillers no matter what they are going through. It's sad that others would rather bash them in the ground when they ask for help. My only hope is that Crochetville returns to what it was when I first joined. "A friendly place to discuss crochet and meet other people." We don't need any more drama and I for one am glad it's over with!


At 11:15 AM, Blogger ThreeOliveMartini said...

so you think you know me huh..

first off.. i dont edit my comments.. i never have .. so you need to really know what you are talking about before you make claims i have .. i dont believe in censorship .. if you had read my blog post you would know that .. i have never deleted a comment either .. if you see deleted comments on my blog its because the POSTER did it not me .. secondly .. you dont even know me.. you have never taken ONE second of you time to get to know me so dont presume to think you know what i do and why i do it ..

thirdly .. i NEVER wanted to be a mod on that board.. NEVER.. and the reasons i left are stated ON MY BLOG.. i am not a hateful person .. i am blunt and to the point.. and you know you can save your self righteous pity for some one else i really dont need it .. so the next time you decide to flame some one you need to get your facts.. because for the people that know me.. they know that my posts on crochetvill are not full of malice nor hate.. they state things to the point and concisely and i dont feel a need to go share my migraines or if my boss is a jerk or the fact i dotn know how to dress for a black tie affair and as far as malice goes .. who has the blog dedicated to RANTS.. and when was the last time you posted ANY THING postitive on that board.. every post of yours has some thing negative to say ..

lastly i will say this.. you would never buy any thing from me any way because you are too CHEAP to do it!.. also i am NOT afraid to post on your blog.. or say what i feel .. but you choose to hide here and flame me because you didnt think i would see it did you ?

At 11:28 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Elizabeth may be alot of things, but she does NOT censor, nor does she lie.
You have no clue what she is REALLY like.
Nor do you have a clue about what she was refering to and I will not go into here either.

At 11:41 AM, Blogger Deneen said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 11:43 AM, Blogger Melissa H. said...

I have to totally agree with Elizabeth about the Mod status. The mods approached her more than once about becoming a mod, but she respectfully declined the position. She simply didn't want the job.

I also know that Elizabeth is not a spiteful person; she simply speaks her mind and doesn't care if it offends someone. I admire her for that as not many people have the guts to say what they feel and defend it no matter what others think.

Donna, you really should get the whole story before posting about someone you don't know. Simply "running across" someone who happens to rub you the wrong way is not knowing who they really are.

At 12:14 PM, Blogger halfjackd said...

I find it strangely ironic that you're complaining about Elizabeth having "a bug up her butt" and having "logged on only to say mean and hurtful things" when that is precisely what you are doing. This is your blog and you of course have the right to spew whatever you wish on it, but it seems to me that you are the proverbial pot calling the kettle black. You convieniently forgot to mention the hard work that Elizabeth has done for Crochetville, as well as the fact that she very often posted NICE things. It's not her fault that you chose to see her posts as anything but what they were...honest.

Sounds to me like it's time to step down from your high horse and stop with the holier than thou bit.

At 12:28 PM, Blogger Deneen said...

I'm back cause I have to respond:

No one claimed Elizabeth was a saint and I promise I will never feel compelled to nominate her for sainthood.

You're right it is your blog, your freespace to rant, yet why was I condemned by the admins on C'ville for a comment I made on someone elses blog and for *gasp* saying how Crochetville had changed on mine?

As far the drama, it is far from over, trust me-fall out is inevitable.

At 1:11 PM, Blogger fruggs said...

Many people on crochetville are rude, terse, and false, Elizabeth first appeared this way to me, but before making a judgement about her, I tried to know her, from her blog and then meeting her. She is a happy, giving wonderful lady, one I am glad to know and consider a dear friend. Maybe look deeper than cuss words and so called "attacks" to see who she is, before you make slanderous statments that aren't backed by facts.
Onto Crochetville, when people are ridiculed for telling the truth so noone else is hurt by a bad situation, not told to wait by those who are in charge, although there was ample response time, to demoting someone for a comment on a blog, and neglecting to notify said person so they find out publically and hurtfully to trying to use Elizabeth to raise money for the site that wanted her off as soon as the auction was over; you can keep it. When censorship is random and rules enforced when felt like, it is not the place it used to be. Best of luck with having it be the same place, unless rules are enforced across the board equally and fairly all it will be is a drama haven.

At 1:36 PM, Blogger Marvie said...

I'm going to chime in here too because I think you are very wrong about Elizabeth. She maybe blunt and honest, which many people may take the wrong way but she is one of *the* most caring individuals I have ever known. She has done more for Crochetville than anyone else that I can think of. By that I don't mean just for the board in general but for individuals as well.

She and I don't see eye to eye on lots of things, but I still have a lot of respect for her as a person and I am proud to call her friend. I can't wait to get to meet her in person, and I have total faith that the lady I meet will be exactly the same as the lady I know online. I couldn't say that about very many people I've met through Crochetville, but she is one of them.

As to Crochetville, well, if you've only been there for a year then you didn't see it when it was at it's best, you came into it about the time it started going downhill. So what you know of the place and how you feel about it may not be how those of us who saw it before it had so many members, (when it was a much happier, much more friendly place where *everyone* felt at home) feel about what it's become.

At 10:55 PM, Blogger Karla said...

Donna, I appreciate your point of view. I don't know Elizabeth well but I do recall a time or two when I was offended by something she said, or perhaps, how she said it. Elizabeth is a blunt person and it's not necessarily a bad thing. My dad once told me when someone accused me of not being 'tactful' that he appreciated me getting straight to the point and being blunt. But then that's my dad, blunt and to-the-point. He rubs me the wrong way sometimes, too. Ha ha!

I believe anyone can say how they feel about one subject or the next, but I don't necessarily agree with my dad that it's ok to be tactless. Whatever the situation was at the time, I was young and had not learned the art of being tactful. Not that at 38 I know all there is to know. While I believe in expressing one's self and opinions, I believe it should be done with tact and courtesy and I should not just blurt out whatever words come to mind. There's no need to say words just because we can and certainly no reason to offend others if there's a way to say what we want in an inoffensive (or is it "unoffensive"?) way. Sure it takes a little more time and thought to think of a way to say something "nicely", but really, life is too short to be offensive if we can avoid it. And what's the saying..."You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar." So we should try to be nice and play nice whenever possible.

I don't know what all the drama is over at C'ville, though I heard reference to it a few times on various blogs. I was aware of Valerie's supposed death. I, too, had looked around for an obit or news article out of concern for her and to share at C'ville because I know we were all curious as to what happened. But I could never find anything. I understood why after someone else posted they called the Sherriff in the town(s) and no such accident had occurred.

I'm sorry there's such drama over at C'ville. It is a nice community. There's enough drama in my own life, that I don't need anymore. But as I have determined in my own life, there will always be SOMEONE that just rubs you the wrong way or in whose presence (online or IRL) that you just feel uncomfortable around. I have learned that there are some people that I just don't go around in my personal life. And if I have to be there for whatever reason, I just act civil, grin and bear it, be friendly, and just get through it.

Like I said, I don't know Elizabeth. She has her own share of friends and enemies like I'm sure we all do. I'm sorry this situation has happened in your own experience with C'ville, and hope it gets better for you.

Smile. Life is short.


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