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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Down another 2.4 pounds!

I'm getting closer to the 10 pound mark! WOO-HOO! I will say that this week has been very hard and I haven't been very good so I am NOT looking forward to weighing in on Tuesday! LOL

The program isn't too bad but sometimes it really does get to you like any other diet, I'm sure. I just hope we can stick with this.

In other news, not much else has been going on with work and all. My migraines have come back full throttle but I am quite certain it's because my Dr. changed the medicine I'm on to prevent them. For the past 3 weekends (why on the weekends?) I have gotten a nasty migraine! Last weekend it started on Thursday night and didn't stop until Tuesday morning. I had one almost all day today but now it's finally gone. I will have to call my Dr. Monday and have him change back to the medicine I used to take. That worked great except it made me a little "bitchy" but both Doug and I would rather I be "bitchy" than live like this.

I've also been busy working on a comfortghan. A co-worker of mine is in the hospital and is not doing well. I got several people from the Ville to donate squares and I even got a few of my co-workers who hadn't picked up hooks in years and years to crochet a square! We had a "refresher" course during break one day and after that the breakroom became the "hooker place". It was rather neat to see other people besides me for once, actually hooking! I really hope this sparks some people to pick up their hooks after this again!

Anyway, I'm not only making a couple of squares but putting the thing together and trying to get everyone to finish their squares which is no small task.

Other than that, there isn't much time for much else. Wish me luck at weigh in on Tuesday!


At 8:38 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Congrats on the weightloss!!! How's Doug's progress?
Sorry to hear about the migraines. Those suck so much life outta ya.
Hope the med changeback helps.


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