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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Update time

Well I went back to work yesterday! I was excited to get back to my life but it was definately hard. I was in minor pain but that was to be expected. Today was really rough and I was in quite a bit of pain but not so much that I couldn't work. I had physical therapy after work which was grueling but it helped. I really push myself in therapy to get the most out of my time there and I know in the end it helps me.

We had our 2nd garage sale on Saturday and everthing we didn't sell (with the exception of a few minor things) got given to Goodwill afterwords. We also sold our chest freezer and as soon as we can sell our sectional we can start working on making the garage into our game room like we planned.

I've been working on a few projects like an original afghan for my step-sisters wedding present. It's made out of Homespun yarn so it'll be nice and warm for Michigan in the winter (where she lives!) I'm also working on my own version of the Knitting Needles Bag which I am crocheting and will finish off with Crochet Hooks instead of knitting needles. (Be watching for the pattern once I finish it!)

I'm also working on a Pineapple skirt for myself. Up til now I've been leary about making a crocheted skirt because I couldn't figure out what I'd wear under it but then I had an idea that I could buy some nice satiny fabric and sew that to the inside of the skirt! I hope it works!

Since I started back to work I obviously don't have nearly the time I did to crochet so these projects will probably take me a little while to finish.

Well that's the news from here!


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