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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Some awesome swap packages!

First off I wanted to share some photos from the past few swaps I've been in. I don't care how much I do for my partner, they always seem to outdo me! And it's obvious that they read my blog and get to know about me before sending a package. What a neat thing to meet people you never would before, go shopping for them, make them something and know that they will enjoy it. Before becoming a member at Crochetville I didn't understand just how many wonderful ladies (and men) there are out there who are truly ready to be friends and get to know you.

Ok, so this first picture is from my purse swap partner! She made me the most colorful WIP bag (and it's lined!!!) with handles so large I can carry it on my shoulder!!!!, she also sent me 2 hook cases, some sugar and cream yarn, 2 skeins of yarn from France as well as some fine chocolates from France as well! WOW!!!!!!!!

This next package is from my scrap swap partner! Not only did she send me a ton of yarn that was brand new (along with the scraps) but a ton of puzzle books (being as I was out on medical leave, this was wonderful!,) she also made me a custom made word search puzzle that featured crochet terminology and words that meant things to me like my name, my dogs, hubby, where I live and other personal things! As if that weren't enough she sent me all of my favorite chocolate treats!!!!! Talk about being spoiled!!!

I am currently in the Harvest Yarn Swap and Bookmark Swap. I just went shopping yesterday for my yarn partner and was even able to buy a few extra goodies for her this time. I feel bad because I'm on a budget and can't usually buy all the extra things people always seem to do for me but we had a little extra money so I got my Yarn Swap partner a few things that she said she liked. I can't wait to get my bookmark partner so I can get started on that! I love to read and love making little thread projects since I'm no good at large ones!!!!


At 9:48 AM, Blogger Lucy said... really did get a great partner!


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