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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Update and today's ramblings...

Well, Monday starts my final week of training at work! I cannot wait for it to finally be over! The past 2 weeks it has gotten a lot better and I've been doing much better. I can't wait to get out on the floor and actually doing something other than "practice"...

My parents will be here in just over 2 weeks and we've got so much to do! We will be cleaning the house from top to bottom and will be shampooing the rugs. I also have to finish the last of the presents and with my new job, I don't have nearly as much crochet time as I used to.

Ok, tell me if you think we're crazy or justified in our thinking... Our landlord came over about 3 weeks ago and started literally tearing up the backyard. He took out ALL the bushes, flowers, shrubs, bird bath, ceramic tiles in the garden and even took out a beautiful plant. Our backyard looks horrible and he still hasn't finished yet. He's been taking all the stuff from our yard and putting it in his own yard. I can't find anything on line about this, but doesn't this seem odd? I mean, part of what we liked about this house was the landscaping and all of a sudden we have nothing in our backyard! Not only that, but he's been working on it slowly over a 3 week period and isn't even done yet. There are big patches of dirt where he's dug stuff up so our dog's get all muddy now and track in dirt when they come inside, not to mention our beautiful backyard looks like a hurricane went through it. This is really not right and I don't think that just because he owns this house that means he can take whatever he wants, I mean, we are paying for it for this year, aren't we? Anyone have any ideas or links? I can't find anything on line that says this is not legal...

In other news, I think Doug's laptop has finally bit the dust. He's had problems with it for the past 2 years where it will run fine for awhile and then it starts running really slow. We've checked for viruses and spyware but that doesn't seem to be the problem. So he asked me to restore it again so I tried wiping the computer and starting over with the operating disc (something we've done several times) but it won't work. It'll get to 100% and just sit there for hours, never finishing the install. We considered buying a new one on Black Friday but really didn't have an extra $300-$400 for a new one so we'll just have to make due with mine for awhile. That is, unless, I happen to make friends with a computer tech who can tell me how to fix the doggone thing! LOL

We ordered a new digital camera on line on black Friday from Office Max. It's on backorder. We got the free accessory kit for the camera but no camera yet. It's been 5 biz days so I'm wondering how long it's going to take? Hopefully we'll get it this next week...

Oh, has anyone checked out the big sale at Annie's Attic? I ordered several crochet books I have been wanting and spent a little over $10 which I thought was a steal! It only took a few days to rcv it as well!

In closing, another month as come and gone with no baby news. This month hit me even harder than the last. The day before I got my period, I had a dream that we had a little boy and named him Karl Jr. (Don't ask me where we got that name but that's what it was! LOL) and I could see this little baby as clear as day. All day I thought it was a sign that I was pregnant and then of course later on in the afternoon reality set in. I know, keep trying. I start my 3rd month of clomid Monday and I'm really stressing because my Dr. will only let me take it for 6 months. I'm really trying to be optimistic but it's not easy. It seems like everywhere I go there are pregnant ladies. (Can you tell I'm having a down day today?) Like always, I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow!

Thanks for listening to my ramble... I really really hope to have some new pics to share with everyone by next weekend... Until then, wish us luck this next month!!!


At 7:13 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Actually, if I understand it right, unless the landscaping is in your lease, he owns the place and pretty much can do what he wants to it. (I am by no means a legal expert please talk with a real estate lawyer)
I would ask him how he intends to "fix" the back yard now.
Also, it sounds as if that should be lowering the rent some to me, after all you will now have to buy your own landscaping if he has no intention of fixing yours.
Is there anywhere in the lease that states you are responsible for the upkeep of the landscaping? Because either way that could be a disputing point if he never mentioned removing all that before you signed the lease.
When things like that start happening, I always suggest starting to hole up some money just in case you need to start looking for a place when your lease is up.
I would also talk with an attorney ASAP. And take pics and document EVERYTHING that transpires between you and your landlord.

As far as the baby...
When it's time it will happen. I know it's hard, but you just have to have faith.


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