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Saturday, December 30, 2006

My 2007 Crochet Resolutions!

I'm going to try my best at keeping these resolutions in hopes that I'll have fewer WIP's , more finished items and a less cluttered work space. We shall see!

1. I promise not to buy ANY novelty/fun yarn unless it's needed for a specific project no matter how cheap it is on clearance!

2. I promise to put away yarn that isn't being used for a project instead of letting it lay around my office.

3. I promise to actually check my gauge on form-fitting items and actually try to follow a pattern from start to finish without deviating from it!

4. I promise to have no more than 5 major WIP's at any one time and no more than 5 small WIP's at any one time. (I will keep a status bar on my blog to help keep me in check!)

5. I will not purchase any more crochet books no matter how great the temptation until I actually make at least ONE item from each of the last 5 books I have purchased!

6. I will not offer to crochet items for co-workers unless I am being paid for it no matter how much they gush over how much they love my things.

7. I will become more involved in crocheting for charities by making at least ONE item per month.

8. I will only join swaps which I have time for and will do a better job of being involved in my own swap forum (Crochet Swappers Anonymous)

9. I will crochet gifts for people in a quick manner and get them mailed out in time!

10. I will continue to crochet baby items in hopes that we will have our own baby in the coming year. I will no longer let doubts of not having a child stop me from crocheting cute little booties, blankies and bonnets.

I hope everyone has a happy new year and is able to stick to their own resolutions!

(My normal new years resolutions are to follow...)


At 6:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are definately stronger than I am!!!! My resolutions usually include doing more stuff!!!


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