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Monday, September 25, 2006

Movie Review Monday ~ Flyboys

Doug decided to take me to dinner and a movie last night and he really wanted to see Flyboys. It didn't look good to me at all but I went along and hoped for the best. What I didn't expect was an incredible movie with an amazing story and one that both men and women would love. Not to mention great acting and awesome digital effects. I highly recommend this movie and would recommend it as a great "family movie." Click here to go to the page on Yahoo about it.

I do have to mention that I found a new favorite movie hunk to look at with this movie. Goodbye Billy Zane, you've been replaced by Martin Henderson! I couldn't take my eyes off of him during the movie. He has the most incredibly piercing blue eyes and the part he played in this movie was great. I just wish he would have had more camera time. Fantastic movie through and through!


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