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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Just an update

First things first. I totally forgot to post this 2 weeks ago when I made it so thought I would now. One of my customers was re-newing her wedding vows and going all out. They did the dresses, the reception, everything. She inquired about a cake and I told her I needed at least a weeks notice. Turns out the DAY before this was to happen she calls me to do a cake! HELLO! 24 hours notice, AND I work full time? I told her it would be nothing fancy and much less "pretty" than it would be but she was desperate. Wedding cakes take time and patience and I had little of both but I pressed on. This is what I was able to make quickly (and I must say it's probably the worst looking cake I've ever made!)

I don't know if she liked/disliked it as her daughter picked it up (I had to work the day of her reception) and she isn't due to come back in here for another week. Again, not my best work but for a total of 6 hours time to make from start to finish, it isn't too bad.

Sunday night Doug and I went to Outback for dinner after the movies. He got Lobster. I am not much of a seafood fan and had never tried Lobster but how bad could it be? He was ooogling over how good it was so I had him give me a small bite. YUCK! I couldn't even swallow it! It was so nasty at least to me it was! UGH! I'll stick with Baby Back Ribs, thank you very much! However, at least I can add Lobster to my list of "Have tried it, don't like it."

I'm working on my 2nd Caron's Sage Circle Cardigan and hope to have it done by weeks end. This one will be a Christmas present but for who I am not sure of yet.

I have pretty much finished my stocking for the Christmas Stocking Swap over at CAL Pals but still need to find some goodies to fill it with! I really had a lot of fun making it and decided since Dad and Bev will be with us this year I'm going to make them each their own stockings! They'll be so surprised to have their very own stockings and hand-made ones at that!

Doug was a sweetie and brought me flowers last night! It was a big surprise and I love them! He also went grocery shopping for me! What in the world did I do to deserve such a wonderful man?

After getting Stitch N Bitch The Happy Hooker, I really want to make the Sweet Pea shawl but haven't found any yarn that calls out to me for it. Maybe I'll order some from KnitPicks if I can convince my hubby to let me. I also plan on making the cute little Orange Purse as a present and really don't know when I'll find the time for all of these projects!

I took my nails off for awhile as I wanted to save a little money since we paid for my parents plane tickets for Christmas and Doug keeps harping on me to get them put back on. I have a horrible habit of biting my nails down to nothing so that's why I started getting acrylics in the first place. Problem is that I've bitten them down so low I don't think I'll be able to have nails put on quite yet as there isn't much of my natural nail be left. I don't even realize I bite my nails til after I do it so it's hard to stop. I must say I miss having nice looking nails. Those of you who are blessed with beautiful natural nails, consider yourselves very lucky!

Not much else is going on here except that I have to get to the post office this week! I have to send out my Sept square, my One Skein project which is late, my Halloween Swap Package, A Bookmark, and my reveal package for my Secret Pal. I just went 2 weeks ago but it's time to go again! Not only that, but I have to finish up the Comfortghan for my customers sister who just had brain surgery and am still waiting on a couple of squares. With all of this I put down Doug's present for a bit. I needed a break anyway!


At 3:12 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

It's good to take breaks from bigger projects sometimes.
Lobster is ok, every once in awhile, it seems very rich to me, almost to rich (flavorwise).

I made my sweet pea shawl using some 1400ypp think chenille I got on a cone from ebay and a strand of thin (almost threadlike) yarn (also cone) run together. It looked pretty good and was cheap to make. Maybe 20 for both cones and I have a ton left to make other things.
But I have seen that shawl made using all kinds of yarn so just look around I am sure you will find the right yarn for it without breaking your pocketbook.

At 11:44 AM, Blogger Lucy said...

I'm with Dave on the oooogling...I love Lobster but love Crab Legs even more!!!!!


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