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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Looky looky! Buttons added!

Up til now I have been a little behind the times with my blog and have finally learned how to add buttons!!!! Thanks to everyone over at the 'Ville for your help!

I went through the Ville blog thread but more than 1/2 of them are bad links... If you'd like me to add your blog button here, please e-mail me and let me know!

I was gifted an awesome program for making buttons and such and when I have time at home to mess with it a little more I will be making a button for my blog as well...

I rented a few movies last week and only had a chance to watch one of them so I made myself sit down and watch "Memoirs of a Gesha" last night. It was a little long but a very good movie. It's more visual in my opinion. The colors and scenery are breathtaking. The actual story itself was a little shaky but not a bad movie.

We watched "Capote" last weekend and I don't quite understand why Phillip Seymor Hoffman won for his role. It was an "ok" movie but at times I had the hardest time continuing watching. His voice was so creepy. Oh well...

One of the best movies we've rented in awhile was "Just Like Heaven" which I think I posted about several weeks ago. A nice, clean, romantic comedy. No *F* words every 2 seconds and no gratuitous sex. A recommend for the whole family.

This week I am teaching the Mini Easter Egg Pillow and/or the Easter Placemats at my crochet class. I have gotten such a reaction to 2 of my ponchos whenever I wear them that I am going to be teaching that in my Advanced Beginner classes later this month. It's the Quick and Quirky Poncho made with a size Q hook. Each one took only a couple of hours to put together and turned out nicely. I made a pink one and a brownish one. The pink one I have been wearing with light bloe and white outfits and the other one I have been wearing with a dark brown outfit I have. Everytime I wear these to work customers always comment about how nice they are. The other day when I wore the darker one a guy in line behind me at the Quicky Mart actually started to "pet" my poncho. He kept telling me how "neat" it was! Since everyone who has taken one of my crochet classes wants to learn how to make clothing and sweaters are a little too advanced for them yet I thought this would be a great thing to show. So far I have had great feedback on my classes and everyone seems to enjoy them so I'm very content right now.

Well, back to work... Even though I have no customers right now, all my paperwork is done and the office is as clean as a whistle I try to look busy at least a few times a day!


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