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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bubblegum Scarf (free pattern!)

Bubblegum Scarf

Size K crochet hook
Approx 1 skein of Caron Simply Soft in White
Approx 1 slein of TLC Baby in Fizzy Print
Small amount of Bernat Disco in Fuschia (or other novelty yarn)

Special Stitch: CHDC – Cross Half Double Crochet
Skip next stitch, HDC in next stitch then HDC in skipped stitch.

Row 1: CH 17, SC in 2nd CH from hook and across. (16 SC’s)
Row 2: CH 2, turn. HDC in first 2 stitches. CHDC across to last 2 stitches. HDC in the last 2 stitches.
Row 3: CH 1, turn. SC in each stitch across.
Repeat Row #3 until scarf is length required. I did a total of 120 rows.

Fringe: With Disco Yarn, join to Row #1 with a SL ST and work 2 HDC’s in each Stitch across. CH 2, Turn. Work 1 HDC in each HDC across. Cont working 1 HDC in each HDC for 3 more rows. Fasten off. Repeat these instructions starting on the last regular row worked.

Fasten off all yarn and weave in ends.

This is my own original pattern. Please do not post this pattern to your site or blog, instead, please link back to this page. Thank You!


At 3:07 PM, Blogger Amanda said...

I happened upon your blog when I was googling for a project to use with the Fizzy Print yarn that I got for super cheap.. I love the scarf that you've made! Great job. I'm not a crocheter, but now I really want to learn.


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