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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Comfortghan pics and what's happening

First of all I wanted to thank all my Crochetville friends for contributing squares for this beautiful comfortghan! A co-worker of mine is very ill and I wanted to make something nice for her. Unfortunately not enough people at work crochet so I needed some squares. I ended up making 4 squares myself, had I think 6 made from work and the rest were donated from the Ville. I think it turned out just lovely! The pics don't do it justice! In the end I realized I had 1 square left over so I quickly made one more square and made a matching pillow! Another co-worker and I plan to bring it to her in the hospital this weekend.

Thanks again for all your generosity!!!

Ok, now on to weight loss news. Last week at my weigh in I lost another 4 pounds so I was down a total of like 10.4 pounds! I was so excited! Well, this wasn't a good week and I gained 2 pounds. UGH! But I know there are gains and losses and I'm not letting that get me down. I am still working hard and am trying different things and seeing what does and doesn't work. Even with the 2 pound gain, I'm stil 8 pounds down since starting which is great!

In other news, my migraines are so much better. The past month they've been almost unbearable and my Dr. has been working closely with me and my doseage of migraine prevention medication to get just the right dose. Well, we finally got the right dose but now I'm demon lady. Everything irritates me, I cry at the drop of a hat, I'm depressed and weepy all the time. He's trying a few different things but it's like when you get the headaches under control then I react to the medicine. I honestly don't know how much mother functioned. She got awful migraines and there weren't migraine medicines when she was alive and she never went and laid down in the bedroom. I never heard her complain either. What a saint!

On the crochet front I am in the midst of finishing 2, COUNT 'EM, 2 afghans in time for graduation come the end of May! UGH! Both Doug's oldest niece and nephew are graduating this year so that means Aunt Donna's works her fingers to the bone... Not to mention that we have started "fixing up the house" little by little. We bought paint and are going to start on the bathroom first. Wait, let me specify that. I will be painting the bathroom! LOL Then come the end of April, Doug and I will be taking classes for medical fostering which we are excited about so things are crazy but I guess it's better to get all this done now before we have a little one in the house!

Well, that's about it from here! Thanks again to everyone who donated a square and wish me luck at weigh in next week!!!


At 10:40 PM, Blogger Karen said...

Your coworker is really lucky and I hope she gets better real soon. The afghan is lovely.

At 12:22 PM, Blogger Anna said...

I'm glad you're not letting that gain get you down. Just think of it like school -- when we get a bad grade we didn't quit school. Same with this, just because we had a bad week doesn't mean we quit all we worked for.

Have a great WI next week! You really are doing great!

At 11:44 AM, Blogger Lucy said...

That is really really pretty!


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