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Monday, July 16, 2007

Some pics FINALLY!

For some reason, I am having a hard time getting blogger to recognize pics from my photobucket account so I had to upload some pics onto my blogger account to be able to show them. If anyone else has had this kind of problem and has some ideas for me, please let me know!!!

Ok, I am just throwing a few pics up here for now but I have a ton of pictures from the entire trip to share eventually!

This first one is me and Doug and my niece's wedding. He was really sick that day, hence the "stoned" look...

This one is from the wedding. It's my dad, step mom, my sister in law's parents, the bride and groom and my granda.

Me and the bride. Isn't she gorgeous???

I have a ton of things to share when I have the time but wanted to at least post a few pics for now. Between working overtime, just finding out I have Jury Duty next week and trying to read the new Harry Potter book while keeping my eyes and ears closed to all the spoilers out there I'm a little muffled right now!

Will share more next week!!!!


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