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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Training is OVER!!!!

I am sooooo excited! Training ended on Thursday afternoon and each of us were told what part of the plant we would be working in. There were 6 of us in the class and only 2 of us are working in the same area, everyone else is spread out all over the place. Another girl and I have been put right next to each other which is nice as we are both learning the ropes and getting comfortable with our surroundings. The job I'll be doing is great as it was one of my favorite parts of training and something I think I'll enjoy doing daily. We pretty much got our areas all set up yesterday, met everyone and kind of just adapted to our surroundings. Monday the real fun begins when we actually get to do something.

It's such a relief to have training behind us! 6 weeks was way too long a time! I really am enjoying this new job but I have really had to adapt to not having nearly as much crochet and internet time as before. Now I only have maybe 30 mins in the evenings and other than that, everything has to wait til the weekend. Some of my other obligations are suffering for it but it can't be helped. I've been fevereshly working on Doug's present as we're getting down to the wire here and it still needs to be sewn when it's all done. Anyway, last night I finally finished the crocheted portion of it! It looks amazing if I do say so myself! LOL I'm going to see if Doug's mom can come over this weekend and show me how to use my new sewing machine and help me sew this together. I am pretty much all done with everything else except for 2 other items. I think I'm going to start taking these projects with me to work and try and work on them during lunch break. While in training I ate lunch with Doug as we were in close proximity to each other. Now that I'm on the floor, I am in a completely different area than him and it takes way too long to go get him and eat in the cafeteria with him. I will more than likely just eat in the breakroom in my area and maybe once a week have lunch with him. Hopefully I'll be able to get these last 2 items finished!

That's about it for now. I will upload a pic of Doug's finished present after I get it sewm which will hopefully be this weekend!!!!!!!!!


At 11:56 AM, Blogger Lucy said...

Now you can relax!


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