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Monday, November 13, 2006

New doggie sweaters!

Last night Tweety jumped on the bed about a dozen times. The dogs aren't allowed to sleep on the bed (normally) but I found it odd that she kept popping back up there. At about 3am I noticed she was shaking like a leaf. Sure enough, she was freezing. Poor thing! I made both Fozzy and Tweety new sweaters a couple of months ago but hadn't added the buttons for the belly bands and hadn't thought about it but now that they need them I made sure to do that tonite. Both patterns came from the LA Booklet "Dashing Doggie Duds". My friend Shelle wrote the patterns and they were not only easy to make, but very quick.

I had a hard time getting the doggies to pose so forgive the pics.

Tweety's was made with Caron SS in pink and I did the edging with some Jo-Ann's novelty yarn I got from a swap.

Fozzy's sweater was also made from Caron SS with the edging done with some Bernat Boa yarn I had left over.


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