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Monday, August 21, 2006

Progress on Pinwheels ~ I'm getting closer!

I have been laboring on the Pinwheels Afghan for quite awhile now. Had I known what a difficult and time consuming pattern this was, I would have chosen something different. I am making it for my dad and what I originally planned to send to him this summer will now be a Christmas gift (If I'm lucky!)...

This ghan is made up of 15 squares which are done charted all in SC's which takes quite a bit of time in itself. Then you do this funky SC CH 4 SC CH 10 all the way around, lace the chains and then do a SC CH 10 SC CH 15 around and lace those. It takes a little over 8 hours to complete one square with the majority of the time on the last 4 rows.

I am now starting square #10 and am so excited I cannot even tell you! It really is pretty but it's very nerve-wracking. My dad had better appreciate it! Of course, all of the time spent on this one really has me behind on my other Christmas presents.

Doug and I talked and I won't be making nearly as many things as I did last year or in previous ones. I will still be making small things for my family with the biggest being this ghan for my dad but my nieces, brother, sister and the like will all probably get purses, scarves and such. This takes a tremendous load off my shoulders and maybe this year Doug and I will be able to spend a nice, quiet Christmas at home with our doggies not having to worry about obligations and other things.

I will try to take a pic of the pinwheels this week to show what it looks like so far. It's really hard to see the detailing of the laces on camera but it really is stunning.


At 11:40 AM, Blogger Lucy said...

I love to make presents for Christmas. Unfortunately some don't care to get them, but I really don't care. I enjoy doing it and do it! I personally love to get homemade anything! Those are the best best gifts.

At 10:04 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

I had to cut back my christmas gift making as well.

I hope you're feeling ok.


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