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Thursday, April 06, 2006

It's official, it's CTS...

The tingling in my left hand/arm has gotten so bad that I ended up going back to the Dr. on Monday. He did the little nerve conduction test and yup, I have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Lovely... What's weird is that even though I'm left handed, I'm right hand dominant. I crochet right handed, use the mouse on my computer right handed, cut with scissors right handed. The only things I use my left hand for are for writing and eating. The Dr. wants me to get a splint to wear while sleeping and wants me to have surgery done ASAP. My right hand has signs of this but isn't nearly as bad. Both my brother and sister have had this surgery on both hands. My sister does Data Entry and her surgeries went well and she healed quickly. My brother does auto body work and was in quite a bit of pain and took a long time to recover. However, I believe it's due to the work he does. I go see the Nureosurgeon the last week of April and he'll give me the final answer. Oh well, at least this would be a quick surgery requiring me to be out of work for only a short time whereas to fix the nerve damage in my leg would be quite a bit longer. The brace for my leg is working well. This new brace is much more uncomfortable than my old one, but does the trick. Hopefully I won't need surgery for this and will be able to get off this brace soon.

I am soooo itching to crochet like I used to. With my hand I haven't been doing it as much. Dr. told me it's fine to continue to crochet as long as I am not in any pain but to cut down drastically how much I do it. Last night while watching TV I had to literally sit on my hands NOT to crochet! LOL Finally I pulled out some Crochet mags which kept me from picking up my hook.

We are getting our new Dishwasher on Friday! I am soooo excited! There is nothing I hate more than to wash dishes by hand! I'll clean any bathroom you want, I'll wash the windows, whatever, but please NO MORE DISHES!

I am busy trying to plan my DH's graduation party. I am going to make him one heck of a cake but still haven't decided how I want it to look. I'm definately going to go all out and since I haven't done any cakes in awhile I'm a little rusty.

At the Hobby Lobby last night I noticed a lady is going to be teaching "Tatting" which is something I have always wanted to learn to do, but I'm wondering if maybe she's going to hurt my business there. Even though she's not teaching "crochet" per say, it's Cro-tat actually, her classes are only $5 each! UGH! I don't know how it's worth her time? I may have to take one! LOL I do have people signed up for my class this weekend and they are ALL return customers from one of my first 2 classes so I know I must be doing something right! I hope that beautiful sock yarn on clearance is still there Saturday! I am dying to get my hands on it!

Well, that's the news for today.


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