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Friday, April 04, 2008

Things I've been up to...

Please forgive me for not updating my blog but things have been hectic to say the least!

Ok, first things first! Doug and I are both doing really well with Weight Watchers and I am happy to report that Doug has now lost 12 pounds and I have passed the 15 pound mark! The coolest thing of all for me is that I have gone down 2 pant sizes! I still cannot believe it!!!! I actually would be able to go down a third size if I could lose weight in my calves. I seem to be losing all my weight in my waist, stomach and face but my calves are huge (which unfortunately is a thing in my family so I need to start doing some excersizes to get them toned down a bit.)

In other news, Doug and I have been busy working on the house. 2 weeks ago we finally got our shed put up and I got the front door painted and stenciled. It's amazing how nice it looks now! This weekend we started on the master bathroom which started out 3 different colors! The geniuses who built this house thought each wall needed a different color. UGH! Actually, Doug picked the color out which is a nice Lavendar. I really wanted a peach color but Doug didn't so he picked this one. We got this neat wall paper mural which makes it look like there's a window in the bathroom (which there isn't) and on the other wall I'm thinking about painting a big palm tree (but I'm still a little uncertain about that!) We spent most of the day getting the bathroom cleaned out and got the first coat of paint on all the walls and the ceiling which I wanted to do to bring it all together. Tomorrow we will apply the 2nd coat and I hope to start painting the bathroom door as well. I want to do a stencil on that door as well but not the same one as the front door so I think I'm going to go to town and see if I can find something else I like that would go with the "palm tree" "outdoor" "relaxing" theme we have going in the bathroom.

On top of everything else, Doug and I started the foster process last week. We went to orientation for the regular foster classes and will be going through the medical training portion of it in a couple of weeks. It's amazing just how many things we have to do to not only get the house in order but the checks they have to put us through and stuff but it'll be so worth it to take care of a child who doesn't have anywhere else to go. We have a list of things and actually started getting things here and there. Since we are only going to take babies up to 2 years of age (at least to start out) we basically need everything. We have a crib and just got a nice changing table but need everything else. We got a lot of good information at orientation so we know kinda how things need to be in the house like where chemicals need to be stored and things like that. Since the people who had the house before us did medical fostering at least we're pretty confident that the house itself is up to code and such but it's just all the little things we have to worry about. We're hoping that if all goes well by Christmas we'll have a little one to share our home with! Please pray for us that this all works out and that we get everything taken care of!

Oh, and I'm also in the midst of 2 graduation afghans and a comfortghan for my mom. Her mom just passed away and I wanted to make her something that would cheer her up. I've been working on squares here and there yesterday and today while I take breaks from painting and have lots of angels from the Ville who are donating squares as well for this. Her mom was 87 but it doesn't matter how old someone is, I don't think it's ever easy to lose a parent. I don't think I'll get over my mom's death and I'm sure she won't get over her mom's either. (For those of you who don't know me very well, this is actually my step-mom I'm talking about but I never usually refer to her that way. Just didn't want to confuse anyone. LOL)

Thanks to all my faithful blog readers... I'm now off to do a little hooking before bed. Hopefully I can get this square I've been working on finished and add it to the pile for the comfortghan.


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