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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Movie Review Monday ~ North and South

Sorry I haven't posted to my blog. I've been so busy lately I have really been working and that's about it. I did want to make sure and post my weekly review so here goes.

Back in the 1980's a wonderful mini-series premiered on TV called "North and South". It follows the lives of 2 families in the Civil War era. One from the North and one from the South. It's an amazing epic and one that I have seen countless times. It has an all-star cast with way too many to list here. About a year later, North and South Book II came on TV which was (IMO) better than Part I. Several years later, North and South Book III came out and it was horrible. New characters were introduced, old ones died off and some were replaced by other actors who didn't look at all like the originals. Unless you're a true blue fan, I wouldn't even bother with Book III.

Books I & II each have 8 episodes so it takes awhile to watch. It's much better than Roots is (although Roots is more about slavery than North and South is.) and the acting is incredible. It was re-released on DVD last year and is wonderful to watch in it's entirety. If you have a spare week or so, pick it up and give it a watch. I highly recommend it!


At 1:29 PM, Blogger ErinLindsey said...

The books for the last 2 miniseries of N&S were a heck of a lot better than movie adaptations were...of course, the movies didnt quite follow the books very well either.

Have you read the sequels to the book N&S?? I think the titles are Love & War (N&S II) and Heaven & Hell (N&S III)


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