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I'm a 34 yr old, happily married woman with the 2 most wonderful doggies in the world! I live in Florida and love all types of crafting! Right now my fave thing to do with my hands is crochet!!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Just shy of 25!!!!

So after weighing in at Weight Watchers tonite I was shocked to find out that I have now lost a total of 24.6 pounds! WOW!!!!!! Just .4 away from 25!!!! I still cannot believe that! I mean, 25 is a lot! My 10% goal is just around the corner and I'm really excited about hitting that mark so this is just really exciting!!!

I just wanted to share my good news!!!! Considering the wonderful Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake Doug got me for my Birthday I may gain a pound or 2 next week but let's keep our fingers crossed that I can keep this momentum going down!!!!!


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